Kidnapped With One Direction...

4 girls...5 boys. Each from different worlds. What happens when all nine get kidnapped? The 5 boys are none other than One Direction. While the 4 girls are just regular people. What will they do to survive? What will happen to them in this journey? Romances will emerge, friendships made, and enemies along the way.


1. Munera Smith

I'm Munera Smith. I'm 18 years old. I have long and when I say long, I mean really long dark brown hair. My eyes are dark brown too; I have really long eyelashes which are natural of course. I'm naturally born tan.

 I love singing, dancing, reading, writing and am a fashion lover. I am always wearing the latest trends. Im a straight A student and my teachers adore me.

Im a directioner. I mean who isn’t? They’re perfect.   

My favorite is obviously Harry. I mean have you seen his dimples and green eyes! Im a sucker for those! And his hair!! It’s so fluffy and I just want to run my fingers through it. And his tattoos are kind of difficult to understand him, but hey! Its him and I love it.

Im insecure. Even though my parents tell me im beautiful, I mean they’re parents they are supposed to say that.

I want to become a singer, but my parents want me to become a doctor so basically its either make my mum and dad proud and pursue their dream or become want I really want to be which is, a singer, and be happy also pursuing MY dream. So it’s complicated.

I'm single! and READY TO MINGLE! I’m looking for my "dream boy." still haven't found him yet though. But I never had a boyfriend because of my parents they are too protective I mean I'M 18 FOR GODS SAKE! By the way here’s a little secret, I’ve never had my first kiss.      

            Now I don't know how to summarize my life. A situation that began scary ended up quite amusing. I mean, being kidnapped isn't an amusing thing, but when you are being kidnapped with One Direction, that's when it starts to get strange. 


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