Kidnapped With One Direction...

4 girls...5 boys. Each from different worlds. What happens when all nine get kidnapped? The 5 boys are none other than One Direction. While the 4 girls are just regular people. What will they do to survive? What will happen to them in this journey? Romances will emerge, friendships made, and enemies along the way.


10. Chap. 8 Familiar

 Tami's POV

Wow. Many things have happened. I get raped.  And I heard one of the other girls did as well. I still think she looks familiar. I should ask her later when I get a chance to see her again; we were separated so I couldn’t talk to her now. This is a fucked up mess. I've been having nightmares nonstop. Even when Zayn said he'd protect me. I've even been having day-mares. Is that even a real term? Anyway....Zayn's not always gonna be there. I was sacred again, I tried not to cry but the tears just came.

"Tami, babe, are you okay?" Zayn asked me hugging me.

“Im scared. I'm not just ganna stay here and rot away. Who knows how long we'll be here? What if im raped again! I miss my family, I want to go home" I explained sobbing onto him.

"It’s gonna be okay. I won’t let anybody lay a finger on you, Im here I’ll always be here for you, I-I-I love you Tami” Zayn looking into my eyes.

 I was shocked he loved me? But he just met me like a few days ago…doesn’t he have Perrie…I was confused.

“You l-love me?” I asked.  “Yes I love you Tami” he said kissing me. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I found myself kissing back though. There were fireworks everywhere.

We pulled apart; we looked into each other’s eyes.

 “I love you too” I said smiling.

“Be my girlfriend?” he asked.

“Of course!” God those words I love you I’ve been wanting to hear them for so long.


I thought about the other girl she was so familiar. Who was she?

"I'm Munera." I remembered her say.

Munera? I remember! She was from junior high. We used to be best friends. We got split apart when we both went to different high schools. Small world. Wow I just remembered, fail.

 “What’s a fail babe?” Zayn asked, wow I was talking out loud…

“Oh just that Munera looked so familiar. I remember we used to be best friends in high school but we split apart since she moved” I answered.

“Oh…nice to know” he said nodding.

Harry’s POV

Munera thinks she’s ugly. This girl has gotta be kidding me!! She’s gorgeous! Right then and there I wanted to sing “What Makes You Beautiful” for her. I headed towards the bathroom, god it felt so good taking a shower! I came back fresher than ever.I felt better instantly.

Munera was putting on makeup. “You know you don’t need that” I said trying to convince her of not wearing it, since she looked beautiful with the natural look too.

“Yes I do!” she said putting finishing touches.

 “How long does it take for girls to put on makeup? Damn!”

“A very long time it takes time and patience’s” she chuckled at the end. I then sat next to her.

“What else you have in that bag?” I asked, curious.

 “Um let me see…” she said looking into her bag. “Clothes…wow I did have clothes…mirror…comb….first aid kit” she said I stopped her. “A first aid kit? For what??” I asked. Why would you need a first aid kit- ?

“Well I was going to go camping after-school so I pre packed some of my stuff that I could carry and won’t be heavy and was going to get the rest from my house but I got kidnapped…” she said.

 “Ohh that makes sense” I replied nodding.

“What’s in here” I asked looking into one of the pockets on her bag. I felt something kind of smooth I don’t know how to explain the texture. I pulled it out. It was a pad. I started laughing.

“HEY! Give me that!” she said putting it in her bag embarrassed. She was all red now. It was cute.

“Aww you’re blushing!!” I said smiling.

“No im not!” she said covering her face in her hands.

I laughed, “Yes you are! You’re all red!” I said.

She giggled. “It’s not funny” she said.

“Yeah but why are you giggling then? Hmm” I said laughing.

 “Stop it stop laughing!” she said blushing still.

“Okay okay” I said chuckling softly.  But I just started laughing again causing her to laugh. “Harry stop it!” she said embarrassed. I was lying on the floor laughing now, she was hitting my chest playfully basically on top of me, I didn’t mind if you know what I mean.

“Stop laughing!” she said laughing in between.

“Im-sorry! Its just-y-your face!” I said in between laughs.

“Harry Edward Styles you better stop laughing at me or else” she said getting real close to my face. I felt my heart beat faster. Why does she have to make me feel this way? I stopped laughing at her and just stared into her eyes, she seemed to be looking into mine, I could feel myself leaning in she was doing the same.

Our lips just inches away. I heard her clear her throat she got off me. We were about to kiss but she turned away. I was disappointed. I really wanted to kiss her. But why did she turn away?

I got back to my sitting position we were silent. It was really awkward….again.

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