Kidnapped With One Direction...

4 girls...5 boys. Each from different worlds. What happens when all nine get kidnapped? The 5 boys are none other than One Direction. While the 4 girls are just regular people. What will they do to survive? What will happen to them in this journey? Romances will emerge, friendships made, and enemies along the way.


8. Chap. 6 Almost....

Niall’s POV

Me, Liam and Louis were together. I was glad I was with them. I tried to go to sleep but it was no use, the others were asleep. I was so scared. The door opened one of the men stood there. I freaked out. The boys were now awake, startled. I felt something covering my mouth; I lost my strength and blacked out. The last thing I heard was Liam and Louis calling my name.

I opened my eyes. I was in a different room. Alone. On spur of moment, I heard crying. Now I was scared. There was a ghost! THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!! I turned around and then saw a girl with long black hair crying. Was she the ghost? Lord Jesus please help me, I am too young to die. “Are you okay?” I dared to say. What am I thinking? Im going to get fucking killed and Im worrying about some stupid ghost crying, oh who am I kidding Im too nice. I nervously went closer to her. She looked up.

“Oh my god it’s a ghost!” I said not even looking at her face. “I-im not a ghost!” she said crying. I opened my eyes, I gulped. Phew! I almost had a heart attack. “Why are you crying love” I said sitting next to her now. She turned her body the other way, “I was kidnapped right now” she said. Her voice sounds so sweet and soft. If her voice is that beautiful I bet she is too. Her long hair wasn’t as long as Munera’s but I still loved it.

“I was kidnapped too” I said to her. “You were?” she said not crying anymore. “Yeah that’s why im here” I said looking down. “Oh I didn’t know” she said facing me now. “Wow” I said. She was beautiful.

            She had beautiful hazel eyes. Her lips looked so soft and they were pink. She had long eye lashes too. God that’s hot. I couldn’t stop staring I was right she is beautiful. “Why are you staring at me?” she asked shyly. “Oh um” I blushed in embarrassment. “It’s nothing” I asked too embarrassed to say. “Oh…” she said kind of disappointed. “Im Niall by the way” I said smiling, and putting my hand out to shake hers. “Im Jessica” she said smiling this gorgeous smile. Am I in heaven or what?

Liam’s POV

We were sleeping when suddenly they took Niall away. We didn’t know why. I was worried for him. Louis was too. Who knows what they did to him! I was wondering how the others were doing too. I prayed to god to let get away from this hell. Also I couldn’t help but think about Yahira. Oh my lovely Yahira. I smiled at the thought of her.

“What are you smiling about lad?” Louis asked smirking. “Nothing” I said blushing. “Oh is it Yahira?” he said rising his eye brows and still smirking. “Maybe” I said blushing more now. “Ohh you’re blushing that cute wait don’t you have Danielle??” he said. “Oh yeah we um broke up…”I said looking down.

“Oh im sorry mate” he said sympathetically.  “No its fine, we both thought it was the best for us” I replied. “Oh okay then…” he said. We were quiet for a bit. “I miss El, I want out” Louis sighed. “Don’t worry we’ll get outta here” I said with hope. “Hopefully we will” Louis replied.


Munera’s POV

We just sat there quiet and in silence. It was awkward. I suddenly remembered that I brought my school bag with me!  “Oh my god!” I said getting up making him looking at me like wtf? “Where is it” I said looking for my bag. “Found it!” I said picking it up from a corner. Those stupid kidnappers. Didn’t even take my bag from me. Idiots. I was thinking if I had my phone. I looked throw the pockets a few minutes later I finally found it.

“Yes!” I was so happy that I found it. Now I could call the police and get outta here!! Harry just kept on looking at me weirdly. I ignored him. I looked at the battery, only 3% left.

“Fuck” I said. I only had one chance to do this. I started dialing 911. When suddenly the door opened. I dropped  the phone from my hands sacred. Luckily they didn’t see my bag since it was behind me and the corner was dark. “You’re next sweetheart” a man said with a mask. I could tell he was smirking. I was terrified. What did he mean by next? Was I ganna get killed?! Was I going to get beat?! WAS I GOING TO GET RAPED?! Before I could react, he grabbed my arm and yanked me up.

I felt the tears come again. “No let me go!” I said trying to pull back. “Bitch stop moving and come!” he said. I tried to get away but it was no use. “Let her go!” I heard Harry say. I was actually thankful this time for him to say something. “No Im not letting her go curly now shut the fuck up!” the man said closing the door. I screamed for help.

He threw me onto the filthy bed. “Im going to have fun doing this” he said. He took off his mask. I saw his face. It was ugly as fuck! I cried. “Please don’t” I said backing up. I had nowhere left to go. My back hit the beds post. I was going to get raped just like Tami. And I was a virgin too.

            I prayed to god for help. “Now take off your clothes!” he demanded. “No!” I screamed. I got off the bed and tried to run but he was faster and pushed me back on the bed. “Yes bitch now do it!” he said slapping me. I cried more, it hurt plus I was being raped. “No!” I still replied. He slapped me harder this time. My cheek was on fire. “Fine you whore I’ll do it myself” he said pulling my shirt off, revealing my bra.

“Ohh red lace my favorite” he said smirking. I was disgusted.

“You fucking pervert!” I said trying to push him off.

“Bitch do what I say or else!” he said slapping me more. I didn’t give a fuck! “Or else” was better than this! My cheeks were throbbing “Help!” I screamed. Tears were streaming down my face. “No one can hear you!” he said, he started taking off my pants but I slapped his hands away. “Don’t fucking dare touch me!” I said getting pissed but still crying. I wasn’t going to show weakness.

“I do what I want bitch!” he said trying to kiss me now!

“Get off me!” I said not letting him kiss me or touch me. I felt his hands trying to unclasp my bra but I moved so he couldn’t.

“Bitch listen to me or I will fucking kill you” he said now angry. “I don’t give a fuck! Go kill me! It’s better than this! You fucking faggot!” I replied coldly, tears were still streaming down my face. He raised his hand to hit me again.

Suddenly the door opened. “Oh Im sorry I didn’t know-“ Yahira said not looking at us, disgusted by the man. The man cut her off. “What is it” he said mad. “X is calling you” she said still not looking at us. “Ugh fine” he said getting off me. He put his clothes back on “Get her back to her room” he said and left. I was shaking. Yahira came up to me.

“Are you okay…did he try to rape you?..” she said horrified. I sobbed and nodded my head. “Oh my god!” she said hugging me, I hugged back, “It’s okay, I came just in time to save you don’t worry” she said softly.

 I took a deep breath and tried to calm down I put my clothes back on. She led me back to the room I was supposed to be in. “Bye I’ll come back later” she said. I slowly went in not looking at Harry. I was still shaking and crying from what just happed. I was almost raped.  I broke down and sobbed hysterically. 



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