Kidnapped With One Direction...

4 girls...5 boys. Each from different worlds. What happens when all nine get kidnapped? The 5 boys are none other than One Direction. While the 4 girls are just regular people. What will they do to survive? What will happen to them in this journey? Romances will emerge, friendships made, and enemies along the way.


6. Chap. 4 Dinner

Munera’s POV

I felt sick. Who would do something like this to someone! Zayn came over and so I decided to give them their space and sat back down somewhere. I sat there for a moment sinking in everything. I looked to my left seeing harry was next to me and staring at me.

“Ew why am I next to you!” I said moving, he ruffled his eyebrows in confusion. Louis laughed, making me roll my eyes, “Dude she doesn’t like you” Louis said while laughing. I sure didn’t like Harry right now. I was pissed. I mean I do like him but, still I didn’t trust him.

I felt his eyes burning a hole in my back. It made me uncomfortable. Zayn was hugging the girl. I smiled knowing she was feeling better now. I stole a glance at harry, I caught him staring at me, I turned around I was creeped out by him. Why does he keep on staring at me? I sighed I was hungry. I heard someone’s stomach growl. I giggled. It wasn’t mine I knew that for sure I knew it was Niall’s.

“Sorry guys im hungry” Niall said. “You’re always hungry” Liam said. The door opened, revealing this girl, she had food in her hands. What the?

Yahira’s POV

            “Go give them food” the leader of the group told me. “Y-yes sir” I stuttered going to the kitchen. I was their slave. They had kidnapped me for 1 year now. I missed my parents so much. They would rape me and abuse me. But they’ve stopped that now. I know they kidnapped One Direction, I saw them. I didn’t know why, but im guessing it’s for money. But why those two girls? These people are crazy. I tried escaping once but it was no use they found me half way. Beat me half to death, so I never pulled that stunt again. My parents probably think Im dead by now.

            I tried not to cry, while I made them food. I took a deep breath, I tucked in a strand of  my blonde hair behind my ear and went into their cellar. They all looked at me. I closed the door so no one heard me or saw me. “Here’s your food” I said shyly. “Who are you? What have you done to us!?” Liam said. “I-im Yahira. I didn’t do anything it was the others who did it. Im just the slave” I said looking down.

Everyone was silent. “Oh I-im sorry I didn’t know, t-thank you for bringing us food” Liam said, I blushed, “it’s okay and your welcome” I said. “Do you know why we’re here?” Zayn asked. “No I don’t im sorry. If I knew I would tell you but I think they kidnapped you for money” I answered his question. “That makes sense since were celebrities” Niall said. “But why were we kidnapped?” a girl with dark curly hair who was next to Zayn spoke up. “I don’t know are you guys rich?” I asked.

“No my dad’s just owns this business I think called General Electric” a girl with SUPER long hair said my eyes widened. “General Electric oh my lord! That’s the forth richest company in the world! You are rich!” I said shocked at how rich she was. And she didn’t even know. “Really? Wow im dumb” she said making me chuckle.

The others were just looking at her like, wtf I never knew that. “Damn love your richer than us!” Harry said making us laugh expect her. “Don’t call me that” she said. “Call you what” harry responded confused. “Don’t call me love I ain’t your love! God you’re so annoying and such a creeper!” she said. wow rich people are rude.

 “And I heard that I am not rude! I just don’t like him” she said, oops I said it out loud. “Sorry” I apologized. “YAHIRA! HURRY UP AND GET MY DINNER READY!” the leader screamed. I nearly jumped. “I have to go, Im sorry bye, I’ll help you guys out but if they find out Im dead bye” I said leaving fast so I don’t get in trouble, while I was leaving I saw Liam staring at me, he hasn’t talked since. I blushed and left.


Liam’s POV

“Here’s your food” a girl said shyly. “Who are you? What have you done to us?!” I said, I bet she was one of the people who kidnapped us! “I-im Yahira. I didn’t do anything it was the others who did it. Im just the slave” Yahira said looking down, wow Im an idiot.

Everyone was silent. “Oh I-im sorry I didn’t know, t-thank you for bringing us food” I  said feeling horrible Im so rude aren’t I. She blushed, “It’s okay and your welcome” she said.  

It made me smile seeing her blush. She looked cute. I wonder why they kidnapped her. She was too sweet. Throughout the whole time I was quiet and just starred at her. She had golden hair, and beautiful blue eyes. I think im in love

“YAHIRA! HURRY UP AND GET MY DINNER READY!” someone screamed. She nearly jumped. I was back to myself. “I have to go, im sorry bye, I’ll help you guys out but if they find out im dead bye” she said leaving fast so she didn’t get in trouble, while she was leaving I was staring at her. She was really pretty. She saw me staring and left blushing.

 I blushed too looking down. I kept on think about her. She was so pretty- “LIAM!!” Louis screamed in my ear. “Ow!! What!” I said rubbing my ear. “I called you like 20 times why didn’t you answer me” he said. “I don’t know I didn’t hear you” I answered. “I was right next to you lad…” he said.

 Everyone laughed. “Did you hear that girl with the long hair is richer than us” Niall said. “What?” I answered. How?? “Her dad owns the business General Electric” Zayn said. “Oh lord damn that’s rich” I said shocked.

“Yeah and she never even knew” Louis said. I chuckled. She was blushing now. “Aww she’s blushing” Harry said. The rich girl rolled her eyes. She did not like harry like even one bit. But Harry seemed to like her. “Why don’t we all eat and introduce ourselves?” Louis said, “That’s a great idea lad” I said, Niall brought over the food to everyone.

We each had our own plate. The food looked really good. God I was hungry. We started eating the food. “Im Tami” the girl who was next to Zayn said. “Nice to meet you Tami” we all said. She smiled. She had a pretty smile. “Same to you oh and I know who you guys are” Tami said, we chuckled, who didn’t.

It was silent, we were looking at the other girl for her to say her name, she wasn’t eating, just looking at us. “What?” she said. “what’s your name love” Louis said. She was quiet for a moment, “Its Munera” she said looking down.

We were all quiet. “Hey why does Louis get to call you love and not me!” Harry whined making us all laugh. She was laughing too, she had a really nice laugh. “Because he’s not weird like you” Munera answered back. “well nice to meet you Munera” I said smiling. Her name seemed exotic. I liked it.

“Yeah nice to meet you” the rest said smiling.

“Nice to meet you too” she said smiling back. 

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