Kidnapped With One Direction...

4 girls...5 boys. Each from different worlds. What happens when all nine get kidnapped? The 5 boys are none other than One Direction. While the 4 girls are just regular people. What will they do to survive? What will happen to them in this journey? Romances will emerge, friendships made, and enemies along the way.


5. Chap. 3 Pain

Tami's POV

I'm shaking so much right now. I let the other girl comfort me. I saw when Zayn was going to comfort me, but Liam stopped him. I'm glad he did. I don't want another guy to touch me....ever. That was the most painful experience that has ever happened to me. I may be 18, but I was a virgin. Those goddamn bastards took my virginity. I wanted Zayn to be my first. Humph. Only in my dreams, I guess.

When I get the strength, I WILL use my God given ninja skills to go NINJA on their asses. You know what; my virginity only matters if I give it away. I'm not letting this get to me. Bad karma is gonna kick their asses so hard. I want to be there to watch. Oh wait; I'll be the one giving them the karma. It's on now. You mess with me, pain is what you'll get. 

Now, I'm just a mess. I can't even clean myself up in this place, can I? What is Zayn going to think? We were off to such a great start. That's probably why they didn't let Zayn go instead. I mean, who wouldn't want some of Zayn. He's so perfect. I wouldn't want him to go through that anyway. No one should have to go through that. EVER!

I feel like crying even more now, just thinking about it. No. I have to be strong I can't break down. I have to be strong to get out of here. Who knows how long it will be? I may die in here. What am I supposed to do?


Zayn's POV

She in a vulnerable state right now. I really want to talk to her. First, Liam stopped me. The next time I'll try, she'll push me away, I know it. I know they raped her. I overheard her. I don't know if we were supposed to hear, but we are in a small area. We can hear each other breathing. What the hell is wrong with those guys? What if....OH MY GOD....what if she was a virgin?!?! I really hope she wasn't. I don't think she was.

She's beautiful. I know she must have had a boyfriend or something. I feel horrible. I tried to do something. I feel so sick. So sick for what they did and I really want to get out of here. These girls do not need to go through all of this. Why them anyway? I thought they just wanted the popular boy band. This is probably all for more money, I guess. I really need to talk to her. I really hope she'll let me.

I walk over to her and the other girl. "Hey. Are you alright? Sorry. That was probably a stupid question."

"Hey, Zayn. No. No. You were just asking. I would be lying if I said I was alright."

"I'll leave you two alone. I'll go talk to the boys." The other girl said. She walked over to the guys and sat directly next to Harry. Now it's just me and her. She's just so beautiful. I really wish this didn't happen to her.

"Zayn, why did this happen?"

"I don't know. know, I wish I had tried harder to help you."

"Zayn, please don't blame this on yourself."

"I promise I'm not but at first I did."

"Oh Zayn. This might be a good time to tell you my name. I'm Tami." She had such a beautiful name as well. 

"Thanks Zayn. Haha. I think you were talking to yourself."

"Oh. Well, at least you know." This is so awkward. First, I'm talking to myself in front of her and we are sitting in an awkward position. I don't want to touch her, unless I get her permission. I don't want to freak her out or anything. "Zayn, I really wanna get out of here. I'm scared of who might be next. It's gonna get worse, Zayn." She started to cry again. No. I need to do something. I started rubbing her back.

"Tami, please don't think of the negatives. I want to get out, too. I really don't want to think of the different negative outcomes. Besides, I don't want to leave you. I might never see you again."

"You don't want to leave me? I think you should. I'm not anything special. Look at what just happened to me. I feel so used. So disposable." I can't...she doesn't think she's special. I cannot believe what I'm hearing. I may not know her that well, but I know she's special. I can sense it.

"Tami, you're special to me. I feel like I know you even when I really don't. You are now in my life and I can't forget you."

"Zayn, that's so sweet. Oh, come over here." She pulled me into a hug, while we were sitting. I don't want to let her go. Minutes pass. She is cradled into my chest. I think she's sleeping. I like this. I feel so close to her. She opened her eyes a little. 

"Zayn, can you sing to me? One of your songs, maybe?"

"Anything for you, Tami." I saw her smile a bit. Hmm. Which song? Ah. Got it!


"Your hand fits in mine
Like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind
It was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots
With the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me...

I know you've never loved
The crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You've never loved
Your stomach or your thighs
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I'll love them endlessly...
I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if I do, it's you, 
Oh it's you, 
They add up to
I'm in love with you, 
And all your little things."

She's sound asleep. I kissed her forehead. 

"Sleep tight, Tami."



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