Hate to Love

Jennifer is moving to LA because her dad died and her mother left her. Her uncle is Scooter Braun so that means Bieber is there what will happen when she has to live with him.


2. Leaving

  Justins pov        
i was gonna go pick up scooters niece, Jennifer to the airport because hes busy doing somthing. Now she has to stay in my house uhhh i hope she's not a crazied fan i mean i love my fans but some can get a little extream and if i had to live with one i would proubly need backup even when im sleeping. i still dont know why she's living with us she problaby  ask  to uhh why is this happening i just want the house to my self whatever. Its 2 now and her  flight gets here at around 3 so ill go now.    
Jennifers Pov
I was getting a backpack ready before we had to leave for the airport. I put my laptop, ipad, a neck pillow, and some money. All my stuff was already in the car so i went down stairs sliding my phone in my back poket. Before i walked out the house i turned back to say good bye this was it im leaving. But the the thing is saying goodbye isnt the hard part, its what you have to leave behind thats tough. All the memories that i have to let go of, i sighed as i made my way to the car. Once i got in i see my little sister crying, my heart just broke seeig that. I comforted herand said everything was going to be alright. The ride was about 20 min long and by that time Bella had stop crying. We got are bags and went through the whole airport process I dont think i have to explain, anyways we were waiting about an hour and are plane was boarding it took long anough. We were flying first class it was so cool and the flight attendets were so nice. I decided to watch a movie........After the movie i got bored and got my phone out and went on twitter and tweeted 'on my way to cali 2 more hours' i'll just go to sleep cali here we come.

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