Kendell is a total tomb-boy who doesn't have a care in the world for one direction. Brooklyn is Kendells sister, who is in LOVE with One Direction. But when 1- D comes to town for a concert Kendall begins to have a change in thought.


3. The Concert

"I can't believe were here!!" Brooklyn said with her squeaky little voice. Brooklyn was wearing a pink skirt with a white tank top with stars on it. Me of  course hated her skirt but had to admit it was cute for her. I was wearing black skinny jeans and a  gray forever 21 t-shirt.

We walked through thousands of girls just find were the seats were. Finally, we sat down in our seats ready for a concert.

"Please Kendall, can you go get me a t-shirt, while I wait here ??"

"Fine, I'll be right back."

I squished through thousands of girls until I found the line. The line went pretty fast and I was already the next person in line.

"Can I have a small t-shirt ?"

"Would you like to buy a raffle ticket for $3 ?"

I thought about it for a second and decided to buy two.

I bought everything and started to head towards my seat. I also began to read the raffle ticket and what it was for. Apparently I was for to spend the week with One direction, but only the name that was signed up for the raffle is aloud to go. I thought about what if I win? Will she be mad? Well, she'll be fine if I do win.

I finally sat down and told her about the raffle and she said,

"We'll its fine. What would they do with a 10 year old? I don't love them that much that I would spend a whole week with them."

So that solved my problem, but either way I don't like them.

The lights dimmed and the stage lit up. Everyone began to yell and scream, especially my sister. Over the speaker you could here " Miami ! Are you ready to rock tonight !!!" The crowd answered with yells of yes.

Then they all came out one by one, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry. They began the concert by speaking about their life and how awesome Miami is. I had to admit they were all pretty cute. Then the real concert began and started to sing What makes your beautiful. The rest of the concert they sang all of my sisters favorites like, Little Things, One Thing, and Up All Night.

The concert settled down and was ending. They were going to announce the raffle winner. My sisters ticket was 8345. My ticket was 8368.

They began "8... 3... 6" A lot of girls began to sit with sadness. Only a few girls remained and I was one of them . All the girls were nervous and shaking. The final number was announced a "8". It was me ! I won a week with them my sister jumped up and hugged me. The judge came and checked it and announced they found the winner. They handed me instructions and told me to follow them on Monday. I agreed and sat down. my sister was so happy for me.

"Let's go backstage now I want to take picture with them and have them sign my t-shirt."




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