Kendell is a total tomb-boy who doesn't have a care in the world for one direction. Brooklyn is Kendells sister, who is in LOVE with One Direction. But when 1- D comes to town for a concert Kendall begins to have a change in thought.


1. In Line

"We've been in line for hours can we just watch the concert online!" Of course my sister is apart of the tired group of kids in line to buy tickets to the One direction concert.

"No! I will see One direction if you like it or not." Brooklyn said in her bratty little attitude.

I rolled my eyes and sat down on the ground.99  degrees out here and they wouldn't start selling tickets to see them until three 'o' clock. Its 7AM.



7 and 1/2 hours passed and my sister was already half asleep. All I could think about was eating . A big juicy burger with an order of fries and a large Dr. Pepper. I was awaken from my daydream by my little sister shaking me to move up in line. We were actually moving,they began to sell tickets!! By the time we got to the front I bought to backstage passes and two front row seats. Even though I'm not a fan my parents don't have time to take Brooklyn to the concert so she's stuck with me. My sister and I went to a food vendor down the beach near the theater we were at. We bought burger meals and sat down on a bench. My sister ate her meal quick and in silence. I started to think on how I was going to take my sister home if she was half asleep, she couldn't ride her bike she was too sleepy and I couldn't push my sister on my skate board, so I had an idea. My plan worked out fine. I bought a wagon from a vendor and attached it to my sisters bike. I put Brooklyn in it for she was already asleep when I came out of daydreaming . I put my skateboard in the basket of the bike and I rode it all the way home. When I came home I woke my sister up and told her to go to her room. I  myself went to my room knowing my parent wouldn't be back till past five.


Authors note :

Hoped you like it comment if you do. Don't worry 1-D will come soon.



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