Kendell is a total tomb-boy who doesn't have a care in the world for one direction. Brooklyn is Kendells sister, who is in LOVE with One Direction. But when 1- D comes to town for a concert Kendall begins to have a change in thought.


2. Charm Bracelet

One Day till the concert, I was surprised that they put the tickets on SALE two days before the concert, but they were a lot cheaper on sale so, yeah.

It was already the middle of the day and my sister was still asleep. I decided not to wake her so I cleaned my charm bracelet. I've had my charm bracelet since I was five years old, I'm 19 years old now. My bracelet has six charms. A paw print because I love animals. A soccer ball because I love soccer. A skate board because I love skateboarding. A music note because I love music. A camera because I love taking pictures and a surf board because I love to surf.

Well any way I got this bracelet from my Grandfather (hotel owner). He rarely comes and at that time he didn't know I was a tomb-boy. But I love it, if I had to save three things from a fire it would be my bracelet,my pictures and my dog, Guapo. (Spanish for handsome)

Well I walked to the kitchen with sterling silver cleaner ready to clean my bracelet.Once I sat on the stool....

Ding- dong, Ding-dong


I opened the door to my best friend Heather, which makes herself at home by just walking into my house without a hello.

"Well hello to you to."

"Sorry, I'm just so excited !!"

"About what?"

" Tonight is the music festival at the beach, right?"

'Yeah so, I always go with my family?"

"Brad asked me to go with him!!!"

"That's great, why didn't you just text me that."

"Because I'm so excited, well I have to go pick out what I'm going to wear. Bye"

She ran out so fast I couldn't respond.


Later at the Festival.

I only go because I'm paid to take pictures but I get four free tickets for my family and they love coming.

I took pictures of surfers, food, musicians, tourists, booths, and vendors. I did this till midnight and I was tired. My parents drove me home  and that was the night before the concert.




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