Black Shadow

A flash fiction story about a girl with an eating disorder.


1. Black Shadow

           Hayley wears a thick, one strap, short black dress that barely comes to her knees, taking the shape of her bony figure. Her dry and brittle wavy golden brown hair hits her bottom-her bangs messy, covering her forehead. Hayley's sky blue eyes are dull and glossed over. Her pasty delicate wrist is veiled by diamonds dancing with color in the light and pure white pearls. Her skin is dehydrated and almost blue.
           Hayley locks herself in a bathroom stall. With her bare feet, she can feel the cold, damp floor-her toes sinking into the grouts of the tiles. Hayley's stomach growls as loud as a lion-she went two weeks without eating much. Her weight is now down to ninety-five pounds. Her temperature drops as her body shakes and teeth chatter. Hayley's heart beats fast and her eyes tear up. She can't wait any longer to lose more weight, she is done.
           In the mirror, she catches herself holding a knife that she stole and stashed in her purse. Scared as she is, she pauses, taking one last look at her reflection and falls to the ground crying. With tears falling, she drags the jagged, freezing knife across her arm. Hayley then takes it to her arm again, but harder and deeper this time. A puddle of deep red starts to form. She feels so calm, not moving. Hayley quickly falls asleep and she is gone. How beautiful she lays there all dressed up.

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