Everything happen for a reason

Four friend s are walking to one direction tickets and they bump into Niall , harry and zayn


7. tour begins

Rhiva Point Of Veiw


when we got to our first stop I could not believe my eyes fans are crowding ever where we took some pictures with some of the fans outside an went inside to get ready for the show everyone had amazing outfits on it was time for the show.



when we got on stage we all sang our hearts out to ever song we had Marcie had her speech after the first song she thank all the fan for making her dream come true our next song was called broken love after that Melanie had her speech after that she thank the fans and she said can not wait to meet some of you guys an we sang three song after that when rhiva turn came she thank the fans. Kate said her speech when all the songs finished we left the stage got new clothes on and left for the meet and greet some fans were crying some were excited we got some pictures with fans and then after that night we left for our next stop




When we got o our next stop we had fans waiting outside our hotel wanting pictures but we had to go in and go to bed for tomorrow when we got up our manger was there getting us up when we had to get ready so we did or checks for mics an everything was set up we could not believe that we had made it big time so we did our best that night (A/N going to skip here)


when we finished tour and had a break then we had a photo-shoot the next day it was fun we even got to be interviewed by tiger beat when all that was finished we had fun as band and we got closer as the band did good we got closers as friend and as band when we first started out.

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