Everything happen for a reason

Four friend s are walking to one direction tickets and they bump into Niall , harry and zayn


2. The concert

Melanie point of veiw


when Kate told me that we got front row seats  I was happy and backstage pass this was a night I will never forget  we got to the ticket both he ask for or tickets we handed them ours and the backstage pass he said at the end some one will show you back there and show the guards your pass they will let you trough okay


as the concert starts  the boys come  out Niall see Melanie   he get excited. harry see Marcie he winks at her zayn look over at  and waves liam just stands there shocked after the concert they show the guards there backstage pass the guard says my name  Paul the other is Justin Marcie,Kate,Maline and rhiva said there names and said hi Paul "how did you guys like the concert" we all say it was amazing are first time to a one direction concert Paul"oh then thank you and here we are they lead us in and we sit and all 5 boys come rushin in and sit harry "how was the concert Marcie "it was awesome  and our first time being to a one direction concert" zayn "that amazing"  all the girls say yea we had fun and hope to see you again


later that night Marcie and Kate  get a call saying that they won a contest so they accept and  they box come the next morning and they open it up and they won tickets to see one direction at Madison square garden they had two tickets left so Marcie  invited rhiva Kate invited Melanie they had fun and got to stay an extra night in an awesome hotel.

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