Everything happen for a reason

Four friend s are walking to one direction tickets and they bump into Niall , harry and zayn


3. Nice seeing you again

Harry point of view

it was late but I know I have to call her soon she look amazing in that dress last night, but I forgot to tell her but at the end I did end up calling her but went to voice mail after that I left a message. she called back saying sorry her and her mom just had a fight about me watching my brother tonight so I tell her I be there in 20 mins I got my car keys and left for her house.


at Marcie house and point of view


there was a knock on the door so I answered it was harry I invite him in he sat down I ask if he want anything to drink he said watter would be fine. so I went into the kitchen and my dog was laying there doing nothing so I let him out and brought harry  his water and ask him if he like dogs. he said not all that much but a little so later that night my mom left it was me harry and my  baby brother then a knock came at the door it was makayla so I invite her in and she sat down.


Rhiva  point of veiw


i can not belive that  zayn ask me to be his girlfriend last night it was so romantic how he did it to I was so exticed I decided to call Marcie and let her know so she answer "hello" hey it me rhiva what up she said I said  nothing much but guess what happened last night umm "zayn ask you out " she said yes

how do you know I ask she told me that harry told me as soon as he got here oh I told her well I have to go I have to get chores done she said bye and I hung up.


A/n sorry if there short but let me know if you want one thx for reading :)



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