Everything happen for a reason

Four friend s are walking to one direction tickets and they bump into Niall , harry and zayn


4. meeting 1D bestie

while everyone was getting ready to meet Mariana. Marcie was over at harry hanging out but she had to leave due to family emergencies but Marcie ,Rhiva  ,Melanie ,Kate finally got to meet Mariana they hang out until it time for everyone to leave. Marcie drives home thinking about what if we have a huge sleepover with all the boys Eleanor,  and also Mariana so I called up Kate and she was like that a great idea so Marcie called harry and ask him if  he would like to have a super sleepover with him the boys  and my friends and Mariana he said he would give them a call and call back. harry call back that night he said they all said okay so I told him I call my dad and see Marcie called her dad and ask  if she could and he said yes


Mariana point of view


it the day of the sleepover but I think we have fun when we got there Marcie was getting her hair done and make up so was all the girls so I knock her mom answered and she said living room I step in and I ask if they could do my hair and make up they said sure then the boys showed up her dad answer and said there in the living room so I got up and went to the bathroom harry and Niall walk into the living where all the girls were I walk out and walk back everyone was sitting in a circle were there sleeping bag were so I sat on mine we watch movies had a laugh or so then everyone started to get tired so we all fell asleep

A/N the next morning

Niall point of view

all the girls left to go shopping so me and the  boys  went out and played football the girls pulled up Marcie put her stuff in her room and she came down and said let play truth or dare. I will go first she says Niall truth or dare I say truth is it true that you love Melanie as much as food. I say it true all the boys are shocked by my answer and I say what


we getting something to eat at this restaurant that the girls like so we eat then had some more fun at the park Marcie take harry phone and run trough the park. Marcie trips and hurt her ankle so they take her to the hospital it twist but she has to walk on crutches for awhile they go home Kate stays another night so does Melanie and they talk about going to the movies and they go to bed.

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