Everything happen for a reason

Four friend s are walking to one direction tickets and they bump into Niall , harry and zayn


8. harry meet the sister

Marcie point of view


as my sister went to bed I walk up to my room feel asleep when I woke up and got dressed I get a call from harry and  ask if he could come over I said sure when he came my sister was here so I introduce him to her "harry this is Olivia " they shook hands and said hi



I put lunch out for us too eat we had a chat I ask harry if he like to invite the boys over for a good old sleepover he said sure I called the girls they said okay then there was a knock on the door I saw Kate Melanie rhiva were there we see the boys pull up



hi everyone this is my sister Olivia she staying for a few days she said hi they said it back we play truth or dare and some twister and sang some songs when it was time for to go to sleep we said are  goodnight and woke up and I went out to go shopping with the girls


the boys decided to play football and video games when we get back we put everything in the house make lunch and we had to go to the agent for a photo shoot and brought my sister along. than we took her out to eat had a blast at the movies.


when they got home Marcie cook dinner for her harry and her sister oliva she sat down everything and ate they talk than watch a movie and Marcie feel asleep on harry shoulder and in the morning Marcie woke up and did not know what going on at the time so she feel back asleep and harry woke her up.



as everybody was just waking up harry and the boys decided to d something for the girls they had left and came back with there favored drinks


harry p.o.v


girls were back with your favorite drinks ans then I saw Marcie wearing a beautiful dress and walk up too her and said you look amazing :) she smiled and said thanks and walk and got her drink

than we heard screaming coming from the living room than sobs we see niall crying and I walk up to him and ask what wrong than he say" meliene left me" and I say "why" he says "because of her dad"  oh well niall im here for ya you will find someone better :)

author note sorry if it wasn't good :/  bye my loves.

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