Everything happen for a reason

Four friend s are walking to one direction tickets and they bump into Niall , harry and zayn


6. audtion starts

Marcie rhiva Melanie and Kate decided to sign up for x-factor because it near where they were so they decided to audition as a band so they sent the application. When it was time for the audition they decided to be called  stage breakers and we decided to sing  nobody compare we sing are hearts and got 4 yes then we got off stage and the boys saw us they were going to surprise us after there performance we decided to stay and wait in are dressing room and the boys knock on our door  and Marcie answers and they all come in and they say you did well and we all say thank you and hang together. then the next day Simon calls you up and you get trough and we go back stage and jump around  and then emblem 3 sing there new song Chloe. we stayed to watch and then almost towards he beginning Liam come up behind you  and scare us  then when emblem 3 finished  there song we told them they were amazing then they gave us a hug and said thank you and asked if we want to hang out later we say sure.



when I herded we made it through to boot camp I was excited them emblem 3 ask us to hang out later when I knew we had to try to get trough all the way to the finals so we did are best but I am  still wondering why Liam came up to us and scare the daylight out of us but time to go hang with emblem 3.


when we got to emblem 3 dressing room we knock an drew answered we came in and sat down and talk had a blast  drew handed all us his number  we had to leave and get ready for our performance the next day we left and chatted when it was time we had a lot of things to do so we got ready and perform we did good  so we decided to have a day off and go shopping


(A/N I am going to skip a part okay also need two more co-authors comment if u want to be one)


Marcie  point of view


we made it to the final 2 it was us and this girl name tiffany  we sang our hearts out to heart attack by demi lavato we went backstage we got a lot of question when tiffany was finished  she got ask the same question.  when it was time to announce the winner  the went to break  so they ask or family's  what they think it was time to see who won  when we herded are name we got so excited we start to cry and hug each other so we went off and recorded are new song love and affection.   


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