The Lucky One

Alice, an 18 year old Irish girl seems to have it all. Her fiancé loves her, that she knows, she stars in movies in the United States, and she's going on a before the wedding honeymoon to Ireland, the land where she was born.
Everything is going well, until the second day of the trip. What will happen as she figures out her life in her home land? Will she meet someone that will help her along her journey?


2. The first day

After the twelve and a half hour flight, we were finally there. I held on to Lorenzo's arm as I smelled the sweet sensation of my homeland.

"Welcome back," Lorenzo whispered as he kissed my hair. I smiled into his shoulder. This was to be amazing. I was finally back home, where it all began eighteen years ago. 

"Lets go, before the fans come." He said.

The fans. I forgot about them. The pile of fan mail increasing on my once-used kitchen table. They were so excited about the wedding, the were just disappointed I didn't fall in love with my co-star in the movie I had just finished. 

We playfully ran to the car that wax waiting for us to take us to our hotel. As soon as closed the back doors, the fans came rushing in. We couldn't even make our way out of the parking lot. I had to wait until my security guard came and blocked off all the traffic. 



I was so exhausted when we finally made ourcwaycto the hotel, due to jet lag and the stressful fans. Lorenzo closed the shades and turned to look at me. I was already lying on the bed as he sat down and picked me up into his arms. 


"I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a little fun" I whispered as he unbuttoned my shirt and kissed my neck. He stood up, my legs grasped around his waist. I kissed. Him passionately, my fingers intertwined in his hair. I felt my blouse slip down off my shoulders onto the ground. My hands moved down his body and ripped off his shirt, revealing his bare skin. I felt his fingers struggling to unhook my strapless bra, leaving our bare chests touching. His hands slid down my spine and pulled off my skirt. He threw me gently onto the bed as he stood over me, looking at my exposed body, lust in his eyes. I smirked and pulled down my panties and slowly threw them across the room. I grabbed the pocket to his jeans and pulled him closer to me. I slowly unzipped his pants and slid down his jeans. He helped me take them off and then laid gently on top of me. He kissed my neck and made his way down my body, stopping at my hip. 

"No" I moaned. And he stopped. He got up, put his jeans back on, and went to the bathroom, leaving me there, naked, stretched out on the bed. 

And there, I cried. Feelings of being rejected and lust disappearing as I fell asleep. 

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