The Lucky One

Alice, an 18 year old Irish girl seems to have it all. Her fiancé loves her, that she knows, she stars in movies in the United States, and she's going on a before the wedding honeymoon to Ireland, the land where she was born.
Everything is going well, until the second day of the trip. What will happen as she figures out her life in her home land? Will she meet someone that will help her along her journey?


1. Him

            I loved him, I guess. Maybe I loved the idea of love, and not him. Was it too late to get out? Was I in this for life? I looked down at my hand, placed upon it was an engagement ring. It was beautiful. 24 Karat gold, 3 diamonds, 1 ruby in the middle. I still wasn't used to the feeling of it. My fiancé was a lawyer. I had known him from day one. He loved me, so I loved him? Was there really a choice for me? He told me I was beautiful, and he was taking me to Ireland. Where I was born.

    I continued to fold my clothes I needed for the two week trip into my suitcase. I sighed. This was it. Tomorrow, it was official. This was the man I was going to marry. 

Smart, Italian, sexy Lorenzo. My future husband.

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