kidnapped by 1D

17 year old carder brooks runs away because her parents are always, fighting and threating her , she falls asleep in a park only to see one direction , they take her to their mansion . she has good and bad times and meets new people . she finds out a big secret that one direction has been keeping from her will this hurt their relationship ? will she fall for one of them ? will she leave ?


6. Kidnapped by 1D: Chapter 6

"Hello we are looking for our daughter Carder. Have you seen her?" My mom asked. I shook my head. Liam and the other guys appeared behind me and I walked away. "You guys dont know myreal name or whathappened to me" I whispered to them as I walked away. They nodded. "No we havent seen Carder and dont know a Carder" Liam said. I let out sigh. "Of course you didnt. Why would someone as famous as you know the filth I call my daughter. I tensed up and held in a growl. "I hope you find her now bye" Harry said and I heard teh door close. I walked upstairs to my room and grabbed my phone before going on Twitter. "Explain" Liam said as he walked in. I nodded and explained why i ran away. after I was finished I stood up but tripped and fell into him causing us to accidently kiss. A throat cleared as I was getting up and I saw Niall standing in the doorway. "Niall its nt what it looks like" Liam said and I nodded. Niall just rolled his eyes and walked away. Why did he get so mad over us accidently kissing?

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