kidnapped by 1D

17 year old carder brooks runs away because her parents are always, fighting and threating her , she falls asleep in a park only to see one direction , they take her to their mansion . she has good and bad times and meets new people . she finds out a big secret that one direction has been keeping from her will this hurt their relationship ? will she fall for one of them ? will she leave ?


5. Kidnapped by 1D: Chapter 5

Niall got off my stomach and we all walked over to the door. Liam opened it and I saw the police. "We are looking for a young girl named Lillian that ran away and was seem being put in a van" One said and looked at me. "Are you Lillian?" He asked and I smirked. "No Im patrick" I said. Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Harry laughed while Liam facepalmed. "Im taking that as a no" He said. "well good day" He said and Liam closed the door. "Whats your name anyways?" Zayn asked and I facepalmed. "Are you freaking kidding me? You kidnap me and dont even know my name. By the way its Carder" I said and then go into my room. After grabbing a pair of white skinny jeans, a t-shirt that says 'IDGAF' and some undergarments I take a quick shower. I stepped out of teh shower and changed into the clothes before blow drying my hair and walking back downstairs. The doorbell rang again as soon as I stepped in the room and I went to answer it. As soon as I opened it I gasped.

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