kidnapped by 1D

17 year old carder brooks runs away because her parents are always, fighting and threating her , she falls asleep in a park only to see one direction , they take her to their mansion . she has good and bad times and meets new people . she finds out a big secret that one direction has been keeping from her will this hurt their relationship ? will she fall for one of them ? will she leave ?


3. Kidnapped by 1D: Chapter 3

Liam hits a pothole and i go flying across the van. i hit my head on the side and pass out. when i wake up i hear them talking " when are we going to tell her" . " i don't know nut we should till she's comfortable being around us". i could tell it was Harry and Niall. " are we going to be able to tell her why we kidnapped her" , " no its best if she doesn't know". i hit my head again when we hit a sharp turn. i  groaned  and opened my eye's " owww " i complained . " we are here" i hear Liam yell. Niall jumps out along with the others. i trip as i get out causing me to fall into zayn who pushes me into Louis i then end  up on the ground. " was that necessary?" i complained. i feel someone grab my arms i look behind me and see Louis and Niall are holding them so i don't get away. they take me inside the mansion and put me in a room. it has posters of all my favorite bands , a huge bed, a flat screen T.V , and a lot more. something lands with a thump behind me . i look and see my bag and i look inside . they didn't take my phone or ipod. i didn't try to contact anyone because i was finally away from my parents. i go on face book and post by my mom and dad. " please come home we miss you " was posted all over my wall. i ignore it and hear someone open the door. its zayn . he's looking at my phone. i toss it on the bed. and go to leave but he grabs my wrist . i get out of his grip and go down the hall. What I see next scars me for life...


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