kidnapped by 1D

17 year old carder brooks runs away because her parents are always, fighting and threating her , she falls asleep in a park only to see one direction , they take her to their mansion . she has good and bad times and meets new people . she finds out a big secret that one direction has been keeping from her will this hurt their relationship ? will she fall for one of them ? will she leave ?


2. Kidnapped by 1D: Chapter 2

i wake up and look around . i see a couple of guy's staring at me like stalkers" ok i know i'm pretty but there is no need to stare" i say. one with curly brown hair and green eye's walks towards me         " come any closer and you want be able to have kids" i warn. the other four start laughing. '' im hungryyyyy" a blond one with blue eye's said. " of course you are" i start to recognize who they are i have seen them before i blank out while trying to remember how i know them . " are you one direction" i ask awkwardly. they stare at me with their eye's wide open. " how do you not know who we are" the blond one asks. i think his name is Niall im not sure though. ' i don't know" it came out more like a question. they introduced themselves. the blond one is Niall, the curly haired one is Harry, the one who looks full of him self is Zayn  , the driver is Liam, and the one who is eating carrots is Louis. i take a carrot from Louis and he tackles me. " give it to me" he yells, " that's what she said" i scream and everyone bursts in laughter. next thing i know someone is siting on my stomache . i look up and see Louis " get you butt off me now before i hurt you" i say sweetly then laugh evily. he gets off me and  cowards in a corner. " your an evil witch " he says then i laugh. i might have a good time considering they kidnapped me   

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