kidnapped by 1D

17 year old carder brooks runs away because her parents are always, fighting and threating her , she falls asleep in a park only to see one direction , they take her to their mansion . she has good and bad times and meets new people . she finds out a big secret that one direction has been keeping from her will this hurt their relationship ? will she fall for one of them ? will she leave ?


1. Kidnapped by 1D: Chapter 1

I wake up to the sound of my parents screaming I go down stairs " stop screaming you guys are acting like kids" I screamed. my mom came and pined me against the wall and slapped me across the face." don't talk like that to me" she screamed. "like you care you don't even like me" i said . "your right go to your room and don't come back down at all " she screamed and pushed me up the steps.I went to my room and cried then I remembered my rope from PE i opened  the window and hung the rope out of the window i packed food and my phone and everything id need and went down the rope and hit the drive way and ran away from the house i chose to go to the park i sat on a bench and laid there and drifted off to sleep.

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