Who Do I Love?

Harry Styles helped me through everything, but what happened to us? What did I do wrong? Do I still love him? Or Do I really love....


8. Truth or Dare?

  Lia's P.O.V.

 Truth or dare...? I don't know about the boys but I feel pretty uncomfortable with this... Well whatever happens, I just hope I'm not first...


  Liam's P.O.V.

  Lia's quite pretty, aha. Harry is a very lucky lad. Too bad they are both probably going to suffer from this game. Lou is very... what's the word? Umm... that's right, aggressive. We can never enjoy just a simple family game. I guess I should tell him to go easy.

  We all sat on the couches. On one couch sat Harry and Zayn with Lia in the middle of them. And the other consisted of me, Louis, and Niall. I leaned to my left to Louis. "Lou, go easy on Lia. You get a little crazy with this game." I whispered to Lou. "Come on man, don't worry. This will be fun." He whispered with an evil little smirk. I can already feel trouble.


  Louis's P.O.V.

 Ugh, they all worry too much. They always say I get crazy, but I don't even see the problem! I'm just trying to have a little fun here. "Okay everyone, lets start!" I say to everyone. Hmm.. I guess I should pick one the boys first, since they're more familiar with this game. "Okay Niall, you're up first. Truth or Dare?" I ask Niall. "Um truth" he replies. "Alright, how many times do you think about Demi Lovato in a day?" I ask knowing what he'll say. "About turdy seven times." He says blushing. Everyone laughs at his answer "Typical Niall." Harry says while chuckling.


  Niall's P.O.V.

 Everyone laughs when I say turdy seven, I don't know why haha... Okay now its my turn to ask... hmm... "Liammm, truth or dare?" I ask him. "Dare, mate." Liam says. "I dare you to call someone random in your contacts, and when they answer, just keep telling them to shut up." I say laughing. "Oh this will be quite rude, haha" says Liam. Liam pulls out his phone and chooses a contact. "Shh it's ringing" he says, while putting the phone on speaker.


Danielle: "Hello?"

Liam: "Shut up."

Danielle: "Um what..?"

Liam: "Shut up."

Danielle: "Okay?..."

Liam: *Hangs up quickly*

We all laugh hysterically. "Oh gosh, hahaha. That was so rude! She'll probably never talk to me again, haha" Liam chuckles. "You're turn" I say to him.


Liam's P.O.V.

I'll ask Zayn! "Zayn, truth or dare?" "Oh.. um.. I think I have to go with dare, man." He says. "I dare you to kiss Lia." Zayn and Lia suddenly gulp at the same time... Oh man, why did I do that.. Harry starts to look at me with wide eyes. "Uh.. I don't think I should do that bro." Zayn says, laid back. Then Louis starts talking "Sorry, but you HAVE to do it, Zayn. Or else you face a consequence." He says getting up from the couch. "Lou, i'm not comfortable with Zayn kissing my girlfriend." Harry says with a frown. "Who cares, its just a little kiss for God sake!" Louis yells. "It's okay Zayn, you don't have to do it. I should've never dared you to." I say trying to break it up. Lia suddenly, clears her throat. "Niall, do you have any guest rooms?" she says changing the subject. "Yeah, I have a bunch. Enough for each of us. You all can spend the night over, how does that sound?" He answers. "Sounds great" We all say. Lia gets up from the couch. "If you could excuse me, I will be going to a room now." Lia says walking upstairs.


Lia's P.O.V.

 Well that was really... awkward. A fight just because they wanted Zayn to kiss me and he refused...  I'm actually really hungry right now... And I'm not even tired. "Woah... Niall's home is HUGE." I say in disbelief. There's like 7 guest bedrooms! I choose the fourth bedroom which was right in the middle. I open up the door to a big room. Inside there was a neatly made bed, a bathroom, a flat screen TV , and colorful chandelier that lit up in the middle of the ceiling. "Oh.. my.. gosh.." I say looking around. I sit on the bed and turn on the TV  and start watching. A few hours pass while I hear everyone going to bed in there rooms.

  Suddenly, my door opens a crack. Then I see Zayn poking his head through. "Lia can I come in?" he whispers. "Sure." I whisper back. Zayn closes the door quietly. He then walks toward me with his hands behind his back. Once he got to the bed, he sat next to me and revealed a sandwich. "Here, I snagged this from the kitchen. I assumed you'd be hungry since you hadn't eaten yet." He says smiling. "Thank You, oh my gosh. I was starving. You're a savior!" I say giving him a hug. He smiles. I start eating my sandwich. "So is everyone asleep?" I ask while taking another bite. "Yeah, I could hear all of them snoring when I walked past their doors. I stayed up to give that to you. Well I guess I'll just go to my room, if you want to be alone now..." He says while getting up. "...Wait. Actually Zayn, could you sleep here with me tonight?" I ask him. He pauses, still turned around so I didn't see his facial expression. He turns around and smiles "Sure" he walks back to the bed, and sits. I finish my sandwich, and place the plate on the side table.

  "Zayn, can I ask you a question?" I ask turning his way. "Of course." He replied. "...Did you want to kiss me?" I ask. He stares at my lips and then back at my eyes. Suddenly... he leans in for a kiss... I stare at his lips that are coming closer. Finally our lips meet. His kiss was soft and sweet. I didn't pull back this time. I enjoyed it. Zayn then, started to pull away. He smiled and I smiled back. Slowly, but softly, he whispers in my ear "Of course I did."




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