Who Do I Love?

Harry Styles helped me through everything, but what happened to us? What did I do wrong? Do I still love him? Or Do I really love....


9. A day for Amusment

 Zayn's P.O.V.

I just kissed Lia again. And... she didn't pull away this time! I feel really good about this right now! Haha... But what will Harry think of me if he ever finds out that I've kissed his girlfriend 2 times? I feel like a really bad mate... "Lia, I shouldn't have done that, I'm really sorry. Whatever you do, please don't tell Harry. If the question is ever brought up, I should take the responsibility. Can this just stay between us?" I was really worried. "I agree... And I think we should get some sleep now don't you think? ..." Lia said standing up. "Yeah.. And I'll just sleep here on the floor. Goodnight Lia." I replied, getting down on the floor. All night, all I could think about was that kiss. Why can't I resist her lips?


************NEXT MORNING*************


 Harry's P.O.V.

 Yesterday was kind of a crappy day. Lou just takes it too far with these games, and he didn't even do half the crazy stuff he would do if Lia wasn't here. I'm actually thankful he didn't. I really appreciate Zayn backing out on kissing her though, I would have gotten a bit jealous even if it was a dare. I guess I'll go downstairs and get some breakfast now. On my way downstairs,  I passed by Lia's room to check on her. When I opened the door just a crack, I spotted Lia in the bed and Zayn on the floor. Hmm.. what was he doing in there? Eh, he probably just stopped by to say hello and then fell asleep. I closed the door quietly, and walked to the kitchen.

 When I got to the kitchen, Niall was at the table eating an omelet and some pancakes. Liam was looking in the fridge, and Louis was flipping some more pancakes on a pan. I sat beside Niall, and waited for Louis to be done cooking. When he was finally done, he turned around, set the plate on the table, and stared at me. I took two pancakes for myself and began eating. He just stared at me the whole time. "Um.. what are you doing ..?" I questioned Louis. "Look Harry, I'm really sorry about yesterday. I understand that you don't feel comfortable about someone else kissing Lia. If someone else tried to kiss El, I'd feel the same exact way. I guess I just get so excited to play.. And I like to be a rebel sometimes you know. Are we alright?" He said apologizing. "Yeah man, Zayn didn't even kiss her so I'm fine." I continued eating.

 We all heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Zayn and Lia walked in at the same time. Lia walked over to me and gave me a hug from behind. "Gooood morning everyone." She said to all of us. "Morningggggg" we all replied. "So how was last night you two?" I asked with a smile. Zayn and Lia just froze and stared at each other. "Um.... What do you mean bro?" Zayn asked worriedly. "I saw you sleeping in Lia's room this morning. Thanks for keeping her company last night, since I was asleep." I replied. "Oh yeahh.. sure thing man. Just looking out for you.." He said while movie to the fridge. Um okay... That was weird.. What's going on?


Niall's P.O.V.

I might be stuffing my face right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. I saw the fear in Zayn eyes. Something is happening. Something secret? Well whatever it is, something is happening. I just don't know what...


Liam's P.O.V.

 "So guys what should we do today?" I ask ignoring that recent conversation. "Oh! We could go to the amusement park!" exclaims Louis. "Great idea, you guys up for it?" Everyone nods in agreement. We all finish up breakfast and start getting ready for the amusement park. When we get there, we all decide to split into partners.


Our pairs



(And of course)



Zayn's P.O.V.

Niall was my partner, and I was actually pretty happy about that. He was my best bro for sure. We decided to go on a roller coaster for our first ride. It was called "The Great Grizzly". Honestly, all I could think about is what Harry said this morning. Does he know something or what? "Niall..." "Yeah, Zayn?" "I think i'm in love with this girl.." "Oh really? That's great! Who is she man?" "Oh.. she's a friend. She's kind of taken already though..." "She's not single? Oh man, you're screwed." "I know, know... I need serious help." "Well I'll help you later. The ride is about to start."

*Finishes ride*

"Oh man that was really awesome. Lots of loops and high drops. How'd you like it, mate?" Niall said excitedly. "Yeah it was great man.." I saw kind of drifty. "Oh.. Sorry about that, I forgot all about that. So what is your plan? Trying to get her out of her relationship?" Niall says remembering. "I mean yeah I guess... but the problem is, is that she's dating one of my closest friends. And.. I don't want to be the reason to break any of our friendships." What am I going to do...


*Time to go back to Niall's*


Harry's P.O.V.

 So we're all staying over Niall's again. It has been really fun day, and Lia is really fun to hang out with. She has the prettiest smile when laughs. When we were on the coaster, she held on to my hand the whole time. She got pretty scared at the beginning, but If you ride it enough, you get used to it.

*Phone buzzes*

It's a text from Jennifer...


Jennifer: Hey Harry :)

Me: Uh Hi Jennifer..

Jennifer: Harry, I was wondering... Do you wanna hang out tomorrow?

Me: Where would this be occurring?

Jennifer: My house. My friend is having a party.

Me: Sure. Can I bring my girlfriend?

Jennifer: Why not :)

Me: Great. What time?

Jennifer: Um be there by 8 . xxx

Me: Sure thing :)


 "Hey babe? You wanna go to party tomorrow?" I asked Lia. "Sounds good, who's party?" She asked. "Okay don't freak out, but Jennifer invited me. It's not her party, its just at her house. You should be okay. I only said I was going to bring you.. but I guess we can bring the boys too right?" "Uh yeah I guess so. I'm not dressing up though, just so you know." "It's fine. None of us will dress up either. Lets go ask the boys." The boys were all sitting in the living room watching TV. "Hey guys! We're going to a party tomorrow, you all want to come? You don't have to dress up." Lia asks. "Sure" They all say. I can't wait. I just hope no tricks are pulled...

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