something abotu the sunshine

when you wake up in the morning you always want t o wake up to the bright lights...... well that is at least how chelseah sees it she will always feel what other people around her are feeling she never is able to just let her be her but what happens when she meets someone AND tries something new like...... cutting because of all the stress she is under and all of the pressure she has been through is just about to come out of her in just three months what happens to the boy she meets what if she becomes his dresser for his band what will happen if he finds out about her cuts and what if he tries to help but just makes it worse what will happen then

please dont be mean on the comments this my first time writing hope you like it love alexis <3


1. where do we begin

today was the ay i start over everything id new nothing will every go back to the way it was. today i move to england and start my whole life over a new name everything. my really name is alexis but now my name will be oh what will be my new name ........ oh i got it, it will be chelseah hope fully no one will remember me i mean who want to remember an ugly life less lonely person like me that is right no one will ever.

when i got to the airport i wanted to be in england already so i can feel every thing just let go. after i got my ticket i wanted to make sure i wouldnt be late so i hurried up and almost ran my way over to my plane. when i got there i wasnt paying attention so i bumped right into someone. i was hopping itt was some one i didnt know so i wouldnt have them ask me all these questions. just my luck i was right it wasnt anyone i knew but someone i did kind of remember from a while ago. oh no please dont be who i think it is. yep it was liam payne from one direction and louis tomlinson and harry styles and niall horan and dont forget zayn malik. i almost died because these are the people i dont want to be running into right now. '' oh i am so sorry i didnt see you there'' said iam with a little bit of shock in his eyes when he looked at my face. '' it is ok it was my fault i wasnt paying attention'' i said after a little aquward moment. '' well where you heading maybe i cold help you get there so you dont run into any more people and hurt yourself'' liam said while grinning at me. ''i am heading to the engalnd flight so i cna go..... see.... my grandma... ya go see my grndma.'' se kinda lookd at me shocked when i said that but then that grinn came right back on his face ughhhhh wht i do to make that grin ocme back '' oh that is cool hey but guess what''  i looked at him confused''what'' '' ia m heading to england to we could sit together or we can even go one the same plane adn we can help each other out in england becaus ei am still kinda new at everything that they just added'' '' ummmmm i am not sure i mean i just met you and you know i have to see my grandpa'' '' i thought you said you had to see your grandma'' damn it i totally let that slipp out now what am i going to say '' oh ya my grandma i have to go see my grandma'' ''sorry to break it up between up but liam we have to leave for our flight or we will be in big trouble'' said niall harry zayn an louis at the same time. i looked at them cinfused and then looked back at liam'' you guys should go becuae i will have to catch my flight to well nice meeting yo'' i was cut off from liam grabbing my arm and puling me back just before i could reach my chair. '' no it is ok you could come on our plane an dwe could fly you here'' harry niall louis zayn and me all looked at liam confuse. '' no it is ok you dont need to do that i alre.. '' no i will do that because i odnt want you hurting other people and i dont want people hurting you in england.'' '' ok fine but only the plane ride and then i have to leave that is it ok nothinng more nothing less and this is all i want from you ok NOTHING ELSE GOT IT'' '' ok i got it chill out''

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