something abotu the sunshine

when you wake up in the morning you always want t o wake up to the bright lights...... well that is at least how chelseah sees it she will always feel what other people around her are feeling she never is able to just let her be her but what happens when she meets someone AND tries something new like...... cutting because of all the stress she is under and all of the pressure she has been through is just about to come out of her in just three months what happens to the boy she meets what if she becomes his dresser for his band what will happen if he finds out about her cuts and what if he tries to help but just makes it worse what will happen then

please dont be mean on the comments this my first time writing hope you like it love alexis <3


2. what do i say now


'' ok here you are england '' said liam with a big grin. ''  ok thanks now i am going to leave have a great time in england hope you like it '' as i was walking to large hands turned my whole body around. i looked up in his eyes adn i thought my heart was melting..... wait did i just say that no no o that cant be i do not like liam not at all no way '' will can take you to your grandmas so you wont have to walk everywhere'' '' no i said nothing more nothing less and i ment that '' " i odnt care i will help you it  is ok it is the least i could do '' '' the least you could do for what i didnt do anything for you besides running into you and getting on a plane with you'' '' i mean this is the least you could do for me is let me help you cause you are the one who ran into me'' '' no i said nothing more nothing less ok i have to go good bye hope to see you around here have a nice time'' '' but....'' but he couldnt finish i had left and was in a cab on my way to who knows where. i told the cab driver to just take me to the nearest hotel. he siad ok and dropped me off at at a beach side hotel ''thanks a lot '' he just vaived to me and then left me with my bags. i took my to bags inside and asked for the cheepest room their was she said ok and gave me the key and i just headed up to my room. when i got to my room i could hear everyone talking down the halls like i was in a new school and i was the new kid. when i opened my room i jaw that their was three doors one thta was the bathroom on e that was the closet but then wht would this last door be?????? when i opened the door their was another door right behind it and then i knew what it was it was doors that connected the rooms together oh so i just has to see who my neighbor was


sorry about the short chapter

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