Dear Demetri...

A story about a bullied young teen.

I dedicate this story to my best friend, he basically inspired me to write this book. He is truly the best person you could know, and is the strongest person I know. For what hes been though and for what others have been though similar or worse, this goes out to you. YOU GUYS ARE MY HERO. You deserve a better life.♥


2. Two


Dear Demetri,

          Today was like any other day. I went to school, sat through all my classes and got pushed around all day. Sam come by me and said horrible names as usual and I ignore the comments. If I reacted it would have gotten worse. Sam used to be that friend I told you about earlier. I always thought Sam was nice, and thought we were friends. I missed those days. We used to hang out sometimes.

          I sometimes go back to the day when I told Sam my secret. The look on Sam’s face was enough that I made a mistake. I should have listen to my feeling in my stomach in not to tell anyone. I bet my parents would have acted the same if I told them.

          Something strange did happen during my last class. There was a new kid in. Let’s say his name is Aaron. He sat by me and started talking to me, well tried. I completely ignored him. It would be better for him not to be seen talking to me. Sam would get their group and beat him too. I don’t want to ruin his life too.

          After that class I saw Aaron and Sam talking. I knew they would become friends. My little hope in making a friend disappeared. I knew I ignored him but I still can have hope. Right?

          When I got home, as usual, I was alone. My parents aren’t going to be home for a while so I ran upstairs and got out my ‘supplies’. I won’t tell you what in my ‘supplies’ until I feel that I have to. I turned up my music to full blast.

          I want to stop doing this but I can’t. It’s a sickly sweet addiction. I can’t stop. I want to get rid of this pain. But I have no other way to do it. After I cleaned myself up I started writing to you. I hear my parents downstairs. I have to go.


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