Dear Demetri...

A story about a bullied young teen.

I dedicate this story to my best friend, he basically inspired me to write this book. He is truly the best person you could know, and is the strongest person I know. For what hes been though and for what others have been though similar or worse, this goes out to you. YOU GUYS ARE MY HERO. You deserve a better life.♥


7. Seven


Dear Demetri,

          Today was the day that my essay was due. I forgot all about it. My teacher gave me a disappointing look. This was the first time missing an due date. But frankly I didn’t care. I just sort of gave up on life.

          My parents hate me now. They aren’t coming home as they used to. I stayed up to talk to them but when they did my dad didn’t want hear it but my mom said to give him some time it was a big shock. Aaron ignores me. I see him hanging out with Sam more than he did last time. Now he is one of the ones that calls me mean names. But the one thing that hurt the most was that he said he never liked me and used me. I should have known that nothing good will ever happen to me. The first boy that I thought actually liked me used me and turns out to be planning this with Sam the very first day.

          This was an all time low for Sam. Sam knew I how to get to me and that how Sam did it. I was getting tired of getting abused, and hurt by Sam. So I did the thing I thought I never do. I went up to Sam and Aaron and punch Sam in the face. They were shocked. “What the hell is wrong with you Sam? What is wrong with you? And you Aaron, I actually liked you. Now I know the really reason why you wanted hang out with me. Thank you for showing me that everything sucks.”

          Sam got up and punched me back, “What’s wrong with me is that you’re a disgusting creature. Go away and never come back. Your own parents don’t even like who you are.”

          Aaron told Sam. I told him that night that I went over his house. I just walked away and heard a scream telling me to do something. I might do what they tell me this time.

          I went to my study hall and wrote the essay that I didn’t do. But I only wrote a paragraph and I might as well tell you what I said too.

          “I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I always thought I would go to college, get a job and get married, but now I say fuck that. What’s the point in going to college and waste money on something I don’t want to do? I have no special skills that I can use for a job. And if  I don’t have any friends what’s the point in finding love nobody even likes me so what the point. Everyone’s life ends at a certain point and some lives end faster than other.”

          I put it on my teacher’s desk and left. I don’t care anymore. I just gave up on life. SO right now I’m sitting in the bathroom with my supplies all laid out on the floor and the water running in the bath tub.

          This will probably be my last letter/entrée to you Demetri. You were my only friend and you really did help me get things off my chest but this pain hurts way to much. My parents wont accept me, I was used my the first person that I actually liked, and my so called friend spread my secret to the whole school and made everything hell for me. I will miss you even if we’ve known each other for a short time. Goodbye.

Love Damon.

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