Dear Demetri...

A story about a bullied young teen.

I dedicate this story to my best friend, he basically inspired me to write this book. He is truly the best person you could know, and is the strongest person I know. For what hes been though and for what others have been though similar or worse, this goes out to you. YOU GUYS ARE MY HERO. You deserve a better life.♥


1. One


Dear Journal,

          Hi, I heard writing in a journal would help me get things off my chest. I don’t want to want to call you a journal or a diary or whatever. I want to treat you like you were my friend, so I want to call you Demetri, I always like that name. Well, Demetri, How are you? I don’t know how to talk… Well write to anyone, because I never done it before. I had friends, well a friend, before but he wasn’t really a good friend. He was just around to have someone to talk to, then the day I told him my secret he spread it to the whole school. I guess hoping that he was a real friend went down the toilet…

    My parents are like any other parents; they love me with their whole life I guess. But I hardly get to see them since they both work all day and all night. Basically, the only time I get to see them is at dinner. Which is still good, I guess

I’m a good student. I get straight A’s and stuff like that but everyone hates me there. I get pushed around by almost everyone, and when the ones that don’t push me around see they just laugh and walk away or just ignore what’s happening around them. I guess I get why they all hate me. I’m a disgusting creature. I know that I will never have a good life here and will always get pushed around. Mostly by one person, I won’t say if it’s a boy or girl or their real name in case someone reads this. Let’s call them “Sam”.

Sam is the worse person at my school. Sam is always the first person to torment me in the morning and the last at the end of the day. My parents have no clue what is happing. I go to the nurse’s office and she knows but I made her keep it a secret because it will get worse if anyone finds out what is really happening.

That is my life so far maybe, HOPEFULLY, something good will happen soon.


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