Dear Demetri...

A story about a bullied young teen.

I dedicate this story to my best friend, he basically inspired me to write this book. He is truly the best person you could know, and is the strongest person I know. For what hes been though and for what others have been though similar or worse, this goes out to you. YOU GUYS ARE MY HERO. You deserve a better life.♥


8. Last thoughts

Dear everyone,

          Mom and Dad. I loved you with all my heart and I’m sorry that I’ve put you through so much. I know that you wouldn’t have accepted me for who I am but I’m grateful that you’ve loved me for the last couple years. I know I hurt you but this isn’t your fault its mine. I am just so weak that I can’t stand being here. And don’t think that you could have saved me from doing this because you couldn’t. I’m not the perfect son that you wanted me to be and I’m sorry for that. I am sorry that I’ve out you through too much but always remember I love you.

          Sam. I thought you were my friend. But you after I told you something that took me a long time to get the courage to say you turn on me. I know you didn’t know what to do but be afraid of something that you had no idea about. And I forgive you. I forgive you for all the beatings, the dog food incident, and for all the names you called me. I forgive you because I still think of you as a friend even through everything you’ve done.

          Aaron. I actually liked you and guess what I still do. I don’t know why though. Even though you broke my heart and used me to help Sam with their own little sick game, I like you. I hope you find that person that you deserve to be with and I hope that they don’t treat you like you treated me. I also forgive you.

Goodbye Everyone.

Love Damon.

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