The new kid. Harry.

Harry Styles is 19 years old. He has 1 younger sister named Lilly. Because their parents died in a plane crash, Harry must take care of Lilly by his self. He is also trying to find true love at the same time. With his best friend Layla. What will Harry do? Will Lilly be okay? Will Layla love him back? Find out here.


1. The new kid.

 Harry's Pov:

I take one step into the big school building. It smells like fresh new books and paper. Well duh, its school. I look at the paper that was given to me. My locker is number 723. I run to my locker and open it fast and slam it. I hate this new school already. No one knows me and I feel like they will talk about me. Im different. I have tattoos. I wear nothing but TankTops, Sweats, and toms. Sometimes a SnapBack. Im the new kid. I came here from a small town in the U.K. America is kinda weird. Everyone have these weird accents, with different clothes and different styles. No one really could understand me here. I stand by my locker with one foot on it. I see a young girl come towards my direction. She looks at me and smiles a bit. "Hey new kid. Im Layla." She said holding out her hand. I slap it softly and turn around. "Whats your name?" She says looking at me. "Styles. Harry Styles." I say looking at her. I put my sunglasses on and turn around. "Thats a nice name." She says smiling again. She probably has a crush on me. She's actually not that bad looking. She has long brown wavy hair with blue at the ends. Her eyes were a lovely blue. Her body was tiny. Except her chest and bum. They had some meat on there. Her skin was about the same tone as me. Her height was about 3 inches shorter than mine. She was super cute. "Hello? Styles?" She said waving her hand in my face. "Oh. Sorry." I said taking my sunglasses off and moving my SnapBack around so they snap part is in front. "Well do you have a girlfriend?" She asked me. "Nope." I said taking my books out of my locker. "Really?" She said with some excitement in her voice. "Nope. None. Never had one." I said putting my sunglasses back on. "I had a boyfriend before. Kinda bad." she said. I wonder what happened... "Let me see what classes you have!" She said grabbing the paper. "Hey, we have 3rd period together! History!" she said happy. "Thats cool. Whats your first period?" I asked her. "Algebra. Your's in chemistry. Hah. Have fun. Mr. Kingsley could be an epic jerk if you don't do something right." She said walking with me. "Then he will have so much fun with me." I said winking at her. Then I forgot my sunglasses were on. I took them off and winked at her. Better. She became a bright pink. The bell rung. "Bye Bye Styles!" She said giving me a high-5. "Bye bye Layla." I said waving to her. As she walked away I noticed something. She had a tattoo on her ankle. It said 4-13-11. Wonder what that means...I didn't stay for long because I had to go to the lab. I walked there and opened the door. I saw Mr. Kingsley standing there with papers in his hand. "Ah Mr Styles. New kid." He said showing me to my seat. I sat down next to this kid with a varsity jacket on. He had black hair, with a quiff. He also had 2 pierced ears with a tattoo that said ZAP! "Hey. Im Zayn." He told me. "Im Harry." I said putting on a white jacket. I just couldn't wait to get to 3rd period. To be with Layla. I missed her so much. I just know she will be saying I do to me in a few years. Or months. I don't know. Oh how I miss her. "Miss who?" Zayn asked me. Shit. Did I really say that out loud!? "So..Miss who!?" Zayn said tapping my shoulder. "This girl. Her name is Layla." I told him. "Layla? Wavy brown hair? Blue eyes?" Zayn asked me. "Exactly. Why do you know her?!" I asked him. "Know her?! God damn Im scared of her brother. Liam." He said pointing at a tall, buff guy. He had a kind of up hair-do. He had brown eyes and had the same skin as Layla. I gulped. "Thats...her brother?" I asked him. "Yup. Boss of the whole foot ball team. Quarter back." He told me. I sat there with my eyes on him with my mouth wide open. "Oh no." I told him. "Yep. Well Layla plays on the softball team. So do I. You should join." He told me. "Why?" I said. "Lab partners, Harry & Zayn." Mr Kingsley wrote on the board. I nodded and kept talking to Zayn, who was adding chemicals in the glass thingy. "Do it for love. You might win her affection. But your gonna have to run it over with her brother. He is like her guardian. Her mom is dead and she has no idea where her father is right now. I heard the last boyfriend she had, went to go talk to Liam didn't go so well." Zayn said. I stood there in amazement. We kept going on and on about Layla, until the bell rung. YES! I could go see Layla by her locker. I ran out with my books. I got Zayn's number. Yes. I stood by my locker and acted like I was getting books, when in reality, Im waiting for Layla. I seen her with her brother hugging her. She came my way. "Styles! This is my brother. Liam James." She said laughing. Liam rolled his eyes, laughed and held out his hand. "So this is the man Layla has been going on and on about." Liam said laughing. "Lili!" Layla said laughing. I just stood there smiling at her. Boy was she cute when she laughed. It made me want to laugh with her. I looked around and seen the boy in my science class Zayn. He waved to me then gave me an arm motion to get over there. "Excuse my 1 minute." I said walking to Zayn. "What?" I asked him. "How's it going with Layla?" He asked me. "Its going great..." I told him. "Thats awesome, listen, don't ask her on a date until tomorrow. Liam has football practice all day so he won't be there. Besides, Layla doesn't tell Liam about any of her dates. So you'll be fine. Just remember...tomorrow." Zayn said walking away. Uh Okay. This is getting creepier and creepier. I walked by my locker again to see Layla getting books. Good. Liam left. "So what's your next class Styles?" She asked me. I looked the paper and seen the words - English. "English." I told her. "Mrs Davis. You'll be fine. She's so old, she doesn't notice anything. See you 3rd period Styles!" She said walking away. The bell rang and I walked to English class. I went into the class and went up to the old lady sitting at her desk. "Im Harry." I told her. "Harold , pick your seat." She said waving her hand in front of the class."Aye, curly! Over here!" I heard a voice say. I look over to see a half blonde half brunette boy surrounded with guys. "Make way! Make way!" He said pushing through the guys. "Sup Curly, Im Niall. What about you??" He asked me. "The name is Harry." I told him. "Cool. Theres a seat next to me. Sit there." He told me showing me to the seat. I sat down and took out my English text book. "Page 56. Start now." Mrs Davis wrote on the board. She went back to sit at her desk. I turned to page 56. "Aye, she doesn't collect anything , you don't have to do it." Niall told me. "Thanks." I told him. "No problem." He said as he got up. I sat at my desk. All I could think about was Layla. I could see her in 50 minutes. Thats all it is. I just sat there staring at a wall thinking of her. "Aye Harry! You alright mate?"I asked him. "Im good." I told him. "Your in love aren't you?" he asked me. "Yeah." I told him. "Well who's the girl?" Niall asked me. "Layla. Layla Payne." I told him. "Aww shorty huh? Well she is fine." he told me. "She's like the princess. Her brother is-" I cut him off. "The quarter back of the football team, I know." I told him. "Yup. Layla is fine. She got that nice body. Heh. Don't get me wrong, Im one of Layla's best friends. I helped her when the guys were making fun of her. We became friends ever since." He started going on and on about her. So did I. Then the moment came DING! The bell rang. That means the end of second quarter and the beginning of third. 

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