Jessica Tomlinson

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 16 Aug 2013
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Jessica is Louis Tomlinson's 12 year old sister. She likes spending time with her brother and his band One Direction, but at times it gets in the way. Now she's moving into a huge house with Louis and the band. She doesn't want to move, even though it means more time with Louis. Will she be able to handle living with the boys? find out


33. Truth or Dare

Louis's POV

Cat invited me, Kylie,Harry, Liam, and Dani to go play Truth or Dare. I knew it was going to be fun just to tease Jess and to scare the shit out of Fred. I was excited to see Dylan again. I really missed Avril. Actually I loved her still. We pulled over in a small town to get something to eat. We went to The Cracker Barrel. Jessica came and got her credit card from me  and went to sit at a table with Fred. Cat and Dylan went to sit at a different table to. Within about 5 minutes  paparazzi was here but only a few were taking pictures of us it was mainly only directed on Cathy. I just realized how she had way more paparazzi and reporters to deal with than one direction cause her dad is so big. She asked the lady sweetly if she could close the blinds on the window and she did. After that it didnt affect she just brushed it off. Soon there were tons of fans here holding One Direction signs, Simon Cowell signs, and Avril Lavigne signs. Once we fiished we went and Harry,Liam, Dani, Kylie and Me walked to the limo instead of our cra. Once we got in i realized how big it was. Once the door opened i saw Cat and Dylan kissing then Liam yelled" no PDA in the limo" so loud everyone jumped. Him and Dani were laughing so hard. "Alrighty Alrighty lets start playing the danm game." i said in a sassy tone. Cathy started laughing. We all sat in a circle on the floor of the limo. Most limos have a bar like thing in the middle but this one had a pole which im guessing was a strip pole. We started the game after a couple jokes. 

Lou- Ill go first

Cat:  whos the least sexy person here


Fred: Man your blind im crazy sexy 

Lou; well your dating my sister so i get the right to be an ass

Fred: to shay to shay

Cathy: My turn 

Dani: I dare you to make out with dylan for a whole minute 

Cathy; easy Peasy 

Dylan; I like you now Danielle 

Dani: hahah call me Dani

cathy: somebody start a timer 

Dani: got it

Cathy went over to Dylan sat on his lap and they started a full on make-out session. It was awkward to me but everyone was laughing. When the minute was over Cathy just sat in between Dylan's legs. 

Dani: My turn 

fred: I dare you to open the roof window and stand up and yell im a lesbian and i love it 

Dani: KK

Dani got up pressed he button and what she screamed made me laugh until i was crying 

Dani: Fred's a lesbian and he loves it. 

Everyone was laughing except for Fred his face was bright red and he had his mouth open. Jess looked at him and said "close your mouth hun you'll catch flies"

Fred: my turn 

Liam: I dare you to  take your shirt off and keep it off the whole ride 

Fred: Alright guys but seriously dont drool

He took of his shirt and he had better abs than i did and i had amazing abs. Jess poked his stomach to see if it was real. 

fred: yes jess theyre real 

Liam: 1. holy shit kid you got better abs than me and 2. my turn

Dylan: Put down the privacy window and tell the driver you had an accidnet and peed on the seat

Liam: oh gosh 

he got up and walked over and pressed the button and said it to the driver with a serious face and the driver said "i dont get paid enough for this" Then liam pulled out his wallet and gave the guy 200$ and said "happy?" driver said "ya thx" 

Dylan: Hurry and get back here its my turn

Jess: I dare you to take all your clothes off except your socks and boxers

Dylan: You guys are gunna love my boxers 

He walked over to the little spot where there was a drape to change behind and when he walked out he was wearing One Direction boxers. 

Cathy: thats adorable 

Dylan: why thank you

Jess: my turn?

Kylie: Ya and you have to tell Fred your biggest secret right here right now

Jess: *looked into Fred's eyes and said* I love you

Fred:*smiled huge* I love you too 

They kissed and when they were finished i glared at Fred  and he mouthed "sorry' 

Kylie got dared to kiss someone by harry and she kissed Harry. We couldnt believe it! 

Kylie; im only dating Niall cause managment 

Harry: Omg! Why did you kiss me niall is my best mate are insane 

I slowly pulled out my phone and video taped all of it so niall knew harry didnt do anything wrong. After that we pulled over again and went back to the car. When we got back i was surprised to see someone i never thought i would see in my car i couldnt believe it was....              


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