Jessica Tomlinson

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 16 Aug 2013
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Jessica is Louis Tomlinson's 12 year old sister. She likes spending time with her brother and his band One Direction, but at times it gets in the way. Now she's moving into a huge house with Louis and the band. She doesn't want to move, even though it means more time with Louis. Will she be able to handle living with the boys? find out


36. Shes back

louis POV

i opened the car door to see Avril Lavigne. I loved her so much and i couldnt believe i had mad the stupid mistake of letting managment tell me what to do "hi louis"she said sweetly. omg i loved her voice so much she was in her pj's "dylan called me and told me i should come and cat said that she really wanted me to come soo here i am" she said "thats awesome"i said i was  so happy she was here "louis can we talk please" she asked "ya ya totally"

Avril: i missed you lou

lou: me to

Avril: why did you dump me last time

Lou: cause i made the mistake of letting management push me around 

Avril: do you think we could try again

Lou: of course love

Avril: awesome flawsome 

Lou: your to cute 

 we drove the van so mee and avril sat in the back and snuggled she was wearing this: 

I was just so happy to have her back in my arms. i had forgotten what kylie did to niall by then 

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