Jessica Tomlinson

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 16 Aug 2013
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Jessica is Louis Tomlinson's 12 year old sister. She likes spending time with her brother and his band One Direction, but at times it gets in the way. Now she's moving into a huge house with Louis and the band. She doesn't want to move, even though it means more time with Louis. Will she be able to handle living with the boys? find out


31. oww in pain !!!!!!!! :( :|

jess' POV

I went straight to the chair. the guys all sat around me. since Cat was out shopping with Paul the guys chose now to talk. Z=Zayn, L= Liam, Lou=Louis, H=Harry, N=Niall, J=Jess

Lou: first question why did you run away and don't get mad just answer them

J: one you slapped me, two I didn't want to talk

L: second question what happened to your legs and arms

J: no answer

Lou: ah ah ah nope cant say that

J: fine I cant answer that

Lou: you have to answer the questions

J: (sighs) fine a guy named David cut my leg and arms with a knife after I tried to escape

H:  aww that sounds bad, third how did you escape

J: easy they went to eat and left the door unlocked, I opened it and found a window and climbed out

Z: fourth how did you get to the hospital

J: nice guy drove me

N: ok that's all the questions for the day

before he said that Cat walked in with Paul right behind her. he ran up to me and gave me a very tight hug.

J: oww

P: sorry princess I missed you
Cat: why would you miss her she was just at her friends house

Paul looked confused. I sighed I couldn't help but think Paul cared a lot about me.

J: never mind that um how bout we hit the hay im wore out

I fake yawned and climbed in bed. man what a stupid day.


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