Jessica Tomlinson

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 16 Aug 2013
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Jessica is Louis Tomlinson's 12 year old sister. She likes spending time with her brother and his band One Direction, but at times it gets in the way. Now she's moving into a huge house with Louis and the band. She doesn't want to move, even though it means more time with Louis. Will she be able to handle living with the boys? find out


35. lots of explaining

Jess's POV

"see...erm..i was at my friends house and i fell backwards and fell on a sharp stick" cat gave me a curious glare "why didnt you go to the hospital?" oh crap what do i say "my friends mom was a nurse so she just stitched it up and ya know" i said fast. i knew cat wasnt believing it but she didnt want to make a scene so she just nodded

Cathy's POV

bull shit she didnt fall on a stick and im going to get answers. i didnt want to make  a scene so i just nooded. i was getting tired so i grabbed my bag and put on my pajamas 

^^Cats Pj's

Jess's POV

Cat put up the divider so she could get dressed and so i could to. fred was asleep so it was ok if i changed right there and cathy and dylan have been dating for so long its ok with them to change in front of each other i changed into this: 

i pulled out a blanket and laid down. i know its really unsafe to sleep on the floor of a vehicle while its moving so i made a barrier around me and fred just in case i looked over to him and i laughed seeing him in just his pants I knew i would have to talk to cat tomorrow and i was scared. i couldnt fall asleep so i played  angry birds for about 10 minutes until i drifted off into sleep 

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