Jessica Tomlinson

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 16 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Jessica is Louis Tomlinson's 12 year old sister. She likes spending time with her brother and his band One Direction, but at times it gets in the way. Now she's moving into a huge house with Louis and the band. She doesn't want to move, even though it means more time with Louis. Will she be able to handle living with the boys? find out


21. awe styles does have a heart

 jess' POV

I fell asleep at the top not wanting to talk to or see Louis. I woke up to harry shaking me he held his finger to his lips and picked me up. I was so confused. he plopped me down in a cab and sat next to me. " Where are we going " I asked confused. " Away from Lou" he said then gasped at me. " What" I asked. He pointed to my cheek. I looked in the mirror and gasped my whole cheek was red and pink. I touched it and winced. Man he must have hit me hard yesterday. The car stopped and we got out. My cheek hurting really bad. I hugged Harry tight. He hugged me back. We walked through the crowds of fans. We rented a restaurant so no one would rip us apart. We ordered and ate. I hung on to him the whole time. I was now terrified of my brother and Fredric ill probably never see him again. I felt safe in Harry's arms.    

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