Jessica Tomlinson

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 16 Aug 2013
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Jessica is Louis Tomlinson's 12 year old sister. She likes spending time with her brother and his band One Direction, but at times it gets in the way. Now she's moving into a huge house with Louis and the band. She doesn't want to move, even though it means more time with Louis. Will she be able to handle living with the boys? find out


5. 3 more : (

There has been a change of plans that I am not happy about. I have to share a room with Zayn  because Liam, harry, Louis, and Niall's girlfriends are moving in  (yah that's how big the house is) and his girlfriend didn't want to move. and Zayn lost a bet. this is going to be so weird. plus im mad that they had a bet over sharing a room with me. that's kind of a little mean. let me think of what me and Zayn might have in common, NOTHING . I sat on my floor since everything was at the new house except a few things . I got out my book and read some of it but then Louis walked in. 

"Want to do something?" he asked

"like what?" I said while putting my book down.
"I don't know, umm we can go to the park" he said.

I got up and put on my pink hat and he put on his sunglasses and we walked to the park . when we got there their wasn't that many people their but you could he people say "Omg that's Louis!" or "can I have an autograph?". but we just kept walking we seen some kids getting ready to play baseball

"Hey, count us in!" Louis yelled.

Louis ended up being a team captain and so did a kid named josh. I got picked to be on josh's team. the game started and I was playing left field that was my spot I always when ever I played i played here. the score got up to 6 to 9 with Louis's team winning.  when I got up to bat the bases were loaded. I had 2 strikes and 2 balls. on the 4th pitch it was perfect I hit that ball as hard as I could it went all the way in the out field . I ran to first, then second ,  and I was right about to touch home but got out . the game ended at a tie.

"Alright time to go home." I said acting like an adult.

"All but I don't want to go." Louis said in a kid voice. Louis ran all over the park but I caught up to him .

"Alright fine" he said and we walked back home.


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