Leaving Me

Madis life is only going downhill. Her bestfriend committed suicide and her dad is always an business trips. She only wants someone to hold her and love her. Shes afraid of falling but when she meets one direction will that change?


3. Just hanging out

The next morning was gloomy. I didn't know what to do with myself. I took out my phone and texted the number Louis gave to me. 
Me- hey , I got bored , hope this is the right number ~madi 
Louis - hey madi , yes it's the right number. How are you. We're bored too. Well be over in 30 to pick you up. Send me your address xx ~ Lou. 
That was strange. But I still sent him a text saying my address. I went upstairs and put on some dark jeans a tank top and a baggy hoody. I'm all for comfortable clothes. I put my hair in a pony tail and put on mascara. Sure enough half an hour later there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Louis greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. Again I blushed. He's had that effect on me and I don't know if I liked it. I followed him out to the car after leaving a note for my mom. We left at noon and after 5 minutes of driving I asked where we were going and where the other boys were. He assured me that we were just going over to Liam's moms place so they only sent Louis. 
Louis POV. 
She's beautiful. I like her and I know it. I don't know if any of the other boys do but she probably has a boyfriend. I know we only met yesterday , at a funeral for that matter, but she left an impression on me. All of a sudden she giggled and blushed. 'What?' I questioned. 'Nothing'. 'Tell me' I persisted. She just blushed a deep red. 'your cute when you're over thinking something.' 'Huh,'I asked confused. 'Well you're cute all the time. ' I winked and she again giggled. 
Madis POV. 
I definitely like him. But I don't really want to like him. I don't want a relationship. I don't want to become needy. 'What are you thinking about?' Louis asked. 'Nothing , really' I lied. I could tell he didn't believe me but he dropped the subject. 
When we finally got to Liam's after what seemed like forever, we went inside and decided to watch a movie. I let the boys surprise me with what movie we watched. When I came back in they had picked insidious. Shit. I'm the biggest baby when it comes to scary movies. I guess they saw the expression on my face because the all laughed. Harry and Louis moved over so there was a space between them for me to sit. The movie started and every time a scary part came on I screamed and hid my face in my hands. And every time they laughed. At one point I jumped and landed right in Louis lap. I felt awkward so I just apologized and tried to get off. He held me there and whispered for me to stay so I did. I felt safer there anyways. This time instead of screaming I buried my head in his shoulder. I could hear him chuckle and pull me closer. It felt nice. But could he like me ? It kinda seems like it but I doubt it. 
Louis POV. 
I liked it when she was snuggled up into my chest. I wonder of she likes me. I really hope so.
Madi's POV. 
'I have to go soon guys' I said, actually pretty disappointed. Louis made a face and they all looked kinda upset too. 'Awh ! But we want you to stay here with us !!' Niall yelled. 'Haha you guys are sweet. Get Lou to give you my number and text me if you would like to hang out again soon'. I got up and kissed all of their cheeks and started walking to the door. Louis walked me to my car. I was about to say goodbye when he kissed me. I sat there stunned , and then finally began kissing back. He pulled away and I blushed. 'Louis Tomlinson how do you have this effect on me. ' I said shyly. He giggled and walked away. 
Louis POV. 
I did it. I kissed her. She kind of said she liked me. I really like her an I want to get to know her. I went inside and all the boys were cheering. 'Finally mate' Liam said. 'Yeah took you long enough! It was so obvious you guys like each other !' Zayn mentioned. 'You think so ?' I asked. The boys just laughed.

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