Leaving Me

Madis life is only going downhill. Her bestfriend committed suicide and her dad is always an business trips. She only wants someone to hold her and love her. Shes afraid of falling but when she meets one direction will that change?


2. Funerals

I got into the backseat of the old pickup truck we've had forever. My dad was out of town an a business trip like always so it was just me an my mum. 'How are you doing?' She asked, sounding genuinely concerned. I ignored her , giving her the cold shoulder. I know none of this was her fault but I needed someone to blame. She jut happened to be there. She sighed heavily and kept her eyes on the road. I just stared at nothing in particular. 
When we arrived I felt totally out if place. Me and Jess weren't popular, like I said before. People from our school sat crying. I so badly wanted to call them out on their complete bullshit story. They didn't care. I don't know why they all wasted their time coming. Our one other friend Cassandra (I call her Cass) came up to me. Neither of us said a word. We were both closer to Jess so it was kind of awkward with out her here right now. But I guess we'd get used to it. The service started and me and Cass took our seats next to each other. We didn't feel like sitting with our family today. I could tell Cass could tell that no one cared too. I must say I'm impressed with their acting skills. But we're not stupid and I can see fakes coming from a mile away. 
I recognized everyone except for a few. Five boys sat behind us staring straight ahead, not saying a word. I don't know why they're here , Jess told me about everyone in her life and these boys have never been brought up. The service lasted about an hour. People took turns sharing about the person they thought they knew. I didn't cry even though I was dying on the inside. 
After it ended there was a small potluck lunch in another room. The boys took a seat at our table and one asked how we were holding up. He had blue eyes and blond hair. He was cute and seemed nice. But it was weird how concerned these five strangers seemed. I sat there for a minute stunned and then a curly haired boy with amazing dimples cleared his throat. I snapped out of it. 'Were fine thanks.' I said , coldly. One with a beautiful smile and nice taste in clothing smiled and introduced himself. 'Im Louis. Louis Tomlinson.' I smiled a half smile. He WAS really attractive. Everything from his arms to his smile to his hair were perfect. 'Im Madi' I replied 'and this is Cass'. They all smiled and introduced themselves one by one. The curly haired boy was Harry , the blond was Niall, there was one named Liam and another one Zayn. They were all very hot. But I usually stay away from boys. Or they stay away from me. One of the two. Anyways I've never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy. I smiled. 'You girls look beautiful today , too bad it's such a terrible circumstance. ' Louis said. I blushed. I don't get compliments a lot. 'How do you guys know Jess ? ' Cass interrupted my thoughts. This time it was Liam to speak. 'Shes actually a second cousin of mine. The boys are just here to support me. I haven't seen her in a long time though. I regret that. ' 'you boys are close then I assume ? ' 'extremely' Zayn replied. He doesn't seem interested . He's been giving one word answers all night. 'How did you guys meet ?' Said Cass. ' well we met on the X factor and now were in a band. We're one direction.' ' really ? That's so cool ! I like your guys' music but have never really seen a picture of you. ' I said. The boys just laughed. I heard my mom call me. I guess I had to go. 'Sorry if I seem rude but I have to go. I hope to see you guys again.' Louis slid me a piece of paper with a number on it. I smiled and said goodbye to Cass. 

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