Leaving Me

Madis life is only going downhill. Her bestfriend committed suicide and her dad is always an business trips. She only wants someone to hold her and love her. Shes afraid of falling but when she meets one direction will that change?


1. Bad days

Today. The day my nightmares become a reality. Well I might as well tell you my name. I'm Madi. I'm 15 and I'm not popular. I guess you could say I have an average life. I keep to myself unless I'm very close to someone. Today is the worst day of my life. I guess I just haven't excepted the fact that she has died yet. My best friend in the whole world killed herself. No explanation. No letter. No text. I never realized how much I miss her until today. Maybe I just imagined that she was on a trip , or doing something with her family and that's why she wouldn't answer my calls or texts. But deep down I knew why and today was just confirmation. I put on my best 'funeral dress' or whatever that was. I didn't have many so it was kind of a challenge. My mom says I have to look nice , but what for ? I don't care who sees me and what I look like anymore. I put on light makeup around my big brown eyes. I don't plan on crying but if I do I don't want to look like a complete fool. I put my dark brown hair into a neat bun and left. 

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