Before Ever After

Call me a princess. Tell me I'm Juliet and your Romeo. But I'm telling you this now, your actions speak louder than your words.


2. Chapter Two

I walk into science, not looking around that much. I see Austin from the corner of my eye, surrounded by his friends. I sit down and take out my ipod, Mr Y is a cool teacher and lets us go on it before class begins. I put the song 'Radioactive' and take out my sketch book. Then a hand slams on the desk, messing up my drawing. The person has pink nail polish and I know exactly who it is.

"Elana, why didn't you answer yesterday?" Francine whimper. I take out the right earbud and lower the volume. "It was charging, sorry." I lie, but it was pretty convincing. "But, we were suppose to go to the mall. I got a manicure by myself." She cries.  "Sorry. Today?" I ask persistently. "Ok!" She cheers in glee. She wiggles her hands and jumps a bit. I roll my eyes with a smile. Guess I'm going to the mall tonight. Great. 


"So did you sign up for the art club?" Bruce sets his tray down across from me. He adjusts his glasses. "Uh. Actually I did. But I don't know if I could come to the trip." I say. He nods as he chews. Then he reaches into pocket and slides an envelope across the table to me. "What's this?" I ask with my mouth full. "Its the money for the trip. Your welcome." He says swiftly. "Aw. Bruce. You shouldn't have done that." I remark. "No worries. A person with your talent deserves to come on a trip like this." He torts. I put the envelope in my bag and smile back at Bruce. For the rest of lunch, we discuss different art techniques and Bruce looks through my art works and tells me that someday I'll be famous from these works. I hug Bruce before catching up with Francine to go to the library. 

"So, how's your day been?" Francine says she flips through a new issue of Teen Vogue magazine. "Well, I found out I'm getting a D in math so I have to raise my grade and thenLaura purposely tripped me in the hallway, but Bruce was there to help me up." I whisper. I take out my science homework and ipod. "Hmm. Bruce was there to help you. Hmm." She speaks in a  sneaky voice. "Uh no, we've been over this. He's a friend and always only will be a friend." I reply as I work. "Mkay! But if he ends up asking you out don't say I told you so." Francine retorts like a little child. She gets up and leaves the library, walking like she's on a runway. She's my best friend, but I feel bad for her because she doesn't know how ridiculous she looks when she walks like that. 


"Oh! And this one too!" She lunges a pink dress on the pile of clothes in my hands. Francine pushes me into the fitting room. The things I do for Francine. After buying ten outfits, we leave the store hurling bags in our hands.  We walk into the food court, heading straight for Taco Bell. Well, this wasn't so bad. 

I plunge onto my bed, exhausted. I put away my clothes before Joe or Melinda question the number of bags. Then there was a knock on the door and walks in is Melinda, foster mom. 

"Elana, me and Joe think its a good idea if you look for a job." She says as she plays with her fingers. "I'm only fifteen." I retort. "Well, you better start now." She says in a perky voice before leaving joyfully. I sigh back and let out a tired groan. 


I toss my bag to the floor and rush down to the garage for my board. Another day of school has now passed which means now its time to skate. Inside of normal routine around the block, I head towards town coming close to a bakery. I curl my board under one arm and push the door open. The smell of muffins, cakes, and more pleasants me. Behind the counter is a women and an older women besides her, who's in charge of cashier. 

"Excuse me, but are you guys hiring? Or at least looking for help?" I ask the younger women. "No, but we do need the help around here. Take this application, fill it out and we'll notifie you in two days." She hands me a paper. I rush out the bakery, gripping the application in one hand. 


Last night, I got a call from the bakery telling me that I'm hired, which made Melinda so happy. I walk in, with a smile as my first impression towards working. I fix my beanie, put on a apron, and  walk into the employees only room. After the women, who handed me the application, went over the procedure she walked me backed to the counter. Instead of the older women running the cashier it was someone else. Dillion. "Dillion, you work here?" I asked. "Yup. Saving up for some new basketball shoes or a car. Still decidng." He says as he hands a costumer her change.

"So are you saving up for anything?" Dillion asks, handing a costumr a pie. "Well, actually my foster mom wants me to get a job. I had no choice." I say nonchalant. "Foster?" He asks. "Yup, not many people know me so well." I say as I help the next costumer. "So, I never knew you liked baking? I always thought you were into sports and all." I say. "Well, you may not know me that much either." He chuckles. "Have you ever tried skateboarding?" I ask after helping a few more costumers. "Naw. I'm not into that kind of stuff." He says. "That kind of stuff?" I ask with a smile. "You know, boarding and wearing beanies." He says. I have nothing else to say.

After working an hour and half more, I take off my apron and grab my skate from the back room. Just as I push the door to leave Ddillion's voice fills my hears. "Elana, you got a few minutes?" I turn back to Dillion, who's slowly walking towards me from behind the counter. "Um, sure I guess." I sit down across from Dillion in a booth. "So, how did you like working here?" He asks. "Um, well its fun and easy. And I like baking the cupcakes." I reply. "Cool." He says. I nod while grinning. I grab my board and ask, "anything else?" "Um, well um I baked you this muffin, you know for getting a job." He hands me a muffin. "Thanks, see ya tomorrow at school." I rush outside, casually. That was weird, or was it?




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