Before Ever After

Call me a princess. Tell me I'm Juliet and your Romeo. But I'm telling you this now, your actions speak louder than your words.


3. Chapter Three

"Ah. Seeing your wearing the new shirt I bought you." Francine nudges me in the side as we walk to science. "Yeah. But don't get used to it." I chuckle. Francine joins her followers in the back. Figures. I sit down at my seat and Dillion is sitting next to me, instead of mingling with his jock jerk friends. "Hey Blondey." I say as I sit. He looks up from his phone and smiles. "So, why aren't you with Austin and the rest of the jerks over there." I ask. "The same reason your're not with Francine and her followers." He smirks. "What you drawing?" He leans over to admire my drawing. "Nothing really. Its just a bird flying. Why you interested anyway?" I tort. "Just wondering. So listen, could you not tell my friends about me being a baker. I'm more of basketball player kinda guy." He proposes. "So I've heard. Um yeah. But don't you think they'll find out if they even come into the bakery and see you?" Dillion's smile curls up a bit. "Yeah, like those jerks would ever come to a old lady's bakery." He chuckles. I shrugg and go back to drawing. "Elana!" Francine shouts across the room and motions me over. I roll my eyes and walk over to her. "What?" I ask. It was weird talking to Francine with seven other girls hovering over her shoulder. "What were you and Dillion talking about?" She speaks in a devious voice. "Nothing. Something about some stupid math test. Don't worry he's all your's." I walk back to my seat. I'm starting to question me and Francine's friendship. Is it worth it? She's such a pain and annoying. 



"I thought I'll find you here." I turn around to find Bruce leaning on the threshold of the art room. Instead of going to the library with Francine, I went to the art room for free period. "So, what are painting?" He pulls up a stool besides me and admires my canvas. "Just expressing myself through art." I drew a heart with wings, with clouds in the background. "I like it. Is there a reason you drew that?" He asks in a playful tone. I playfully punch him in the arm. "You wish." I chuckle. Bruce's face dropped a bit. "Well, I got to go to tutoring. Cute shirt by the way, but its not you." He chuckles. "That's for sure." I wave by to Bruce and I'm sitting alone, in the dark, and in the center of the room. 


I open my garage, and toss my bike inside. I flop onto the couch and bolted my ears with music. Then the doorbell rang and when I answered it, I was surprised to find Austin. "Uh hey Austin." I say. His hands were behind his back and then he brings them out, holding a guitar. "I want you to have this." He hands me the guitar. I admire it, the freshly coated wood and powerful strings. "Why? I mean I didn't do anything for you." I ask. "I felt bad because you said you haven't played since your mom passed and your foster parents won't buy you one. So I decided to buy you one." I delves his hands into his front pocket jeans and rocks on his heels casually. "Aw thanks. That's really nice of you." Austin scratches the back of his head. "So if you want, we could both play by the fountain?" "Sure, I'll meet you in ten minutes." I grin and close the door. Jerk jock, Austin bought me a guitar and then invites me to strum with him? This is turning into a freaky week with Dillion, Bruce, and now Austin. 


"Okay, I haven't played for years. I'm warning you now." I chuckle. Austin's lip curls up. "Haha, your funny E." "I've been told." I smirk. Austin starts strumming in a minor and I persistently start strumming in a major. "Nice, Edwards. You don't sound so bad." Austin says as he admires my playing. "Thanks, and Edwards?" I question. "Yeah. I like it." "Well, don't call me by my last name." I insist. "Why? Its just a name." He retorts. "Well, Edwards is the foster family's last name I'm staying with. I kinda don't like you calling me that 'cause it means I'm part of their family and-" "what's wrong of being part of their family?" He interrupts. "For one, don't treat me like am part of the family." I retort. Austin's eyes gaze down at my hand and then he grips it. "Sorry." He speaks quietly. "For what?" I ask, looking down at our hands. "For everything's that happened to you. Me and the guys have always judge you when really we didn't know the whole story." I look up and so does Austin. I lift his chin up so I could speak to him. "Its not your fault and I don't blame you for judging." I murmur. Austin smiles, showing no teeth. "So. What's with that shirt?" He points to my shirt with a smiley face and sunglasses for eyes. "Oh. Francine bought it for me." I speak. "I could tell." Austin chuckles and we both start laughing. "Austin, you're not such a jerk after all." I admit. "Haha, coming from you that's a plus." And that's when we both start laughing. 




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