Before Ever After

Call me a princess. Tell me I'm Juliet and your Romeo. But I'm telling you this now, your actions speak louder than your words.


6. Chapter Six

"Hey." I say less enthusiastically than normal. Austin looks up from his guitar and then back down again. "Seems to me something's bugging you, am I right?" I say, edging a bit closer to him. Seconds pass with silence devouring us, except for the noisy fountain bursting out water behind us.

Austin sighs heavily.  "Its just, I've been accepted to Alcott Academy of the Arts." He says with a pinch of hatred.

"Triple A? You're so lucky!" I bounce up and down uncontrollably.

"Yeah, but I don't want to go. Sports is more of my thing." He says. "And, I'm not even the one who applied, my mom did. She videoed taped me one day, playing a piece and then sent it off. What would my friends think of me? I'm considered a jock jerk remember?" He puts down the guitar. 

At first, I couldn't think of anything to say. Only support helps so I went with it.

"I say, go for it. Your friends should accept you for being you and not some jerk who breathes basketball all day." I say with a bit humor, considering it'll cheer him up. 

I fail. 

"I'll think about it." He finally says, low like a whisper. I pat his shoulder and then his arm. I get on my board, wave goodbye to Austin, and skate around the fountain to the other side. I hope he makes the right decision for himself. 


Today in class, Austin wasn't isolated from his friends as yesterday. So I guess everything was going normal. That is until, lunch time roared around. The minute Dillion comes to eat with me, Bruce makes a face and comes up with a lame excuse to leave. Then during free period, the school newspapers are released and in the gossip column all about me and Dillion. Mostly everyone just read it and went on with their lives except for two girls. Well mostly one. I was at my locker getting ready for the next class when pink glittering heals clicking gets louderas it  approaches me. Francine and her new best friend Jess. She starts screaming a bunch of questions and hollering at me. Everyone nearby begins staring. She's jealous. Then a nearby teacher stampers in, and Francine storms off with Jess holding her books for her. 

"Elana, are alright?" She, the teacher, asked. I grin and shut the locker door getting to next class. "Never been better." I mutter under my breathe, ethusiascially. I mean it. Its not everyday, I'm 'higher' than Miss Popularity. I used to consider Francine as a really nice person, but really she just bribes you and makes you carry your books for her, batting her eyelashes. 

I've noticed another thing. Austin keeps his musicial talent a sercret from his friends and everyone else, to keep the statue quote. Just as Dillion, keeps his baking skills to himself. Everyone is afraid to be themselves, just because of what others would think of them, which makes no sense to me. 



"Here." The second I walk through the door, Melinda hands me a broom and pan with a smile and narrowes brows. I slug off my bag and toss it. I grab it and head for the kirchen. For a week now, Melinda is making me clean the house because on Saturday Joe's new boss is coming over. So I made a deal with her, instead of cleaning the entire house all on Friday I would do a little each day after school. No way I'm bailing on Dillion. "I've gotta run." Melinda hollers from the door and a second later the door slams shuts. The whole house to myself. Wow. I start on the steroe in the living room, to brighten my mood. I clean fast; sweeping the floor and counters. Then, I grab my board switch the music off and head out to work. 

"Just in time." The older women, Mary Lou, is behind the cashier. I walk into the employees only room. No Dillion. I walk back out and grab a rag to clear a booth. "Where's Dillion?" I ask Mary Lou. "Called in. Couldn't make it." She replies laconically. I'm bewildered. He was at school today, why not work? I take a few costumers order, usually I don't work waitress I'm more behind the counter one, but with Dillion not here, I had to take over. Closing time approaches, I switch the sign to closed and locked up. Mary Lou left early for a dentist appointment, so I was stuck cleaning the diner alone. After awhile, knocking on the glass door erupts. At first, I'm scared to answer it but as I resistantly approach the door, I can make out who it is. I grab the door and open it.

"Hey." I smile and lean on the threshold. Well this is unexpected. 




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