Before Ever After

Call me a princess. Tell me I'm Juliet and your Romeo. But I'm telling you this now, your actions speak louder than your words.


1. Chapter One

"Elana, did you do the extra credit project for science?" I lock my bicycle chain and look back to my friend Francine. She's the perfect one. She always wears the latest trends, flawless hair, and most of all a great smile. But she's not your average fashionista, she also is a really smart person and honesty I don't see why she would want to hang out with me. I live in a foster home, and buy clothes from thrift stores. 

"No. We had so many tests to study for." I reply. We walk together inside the school, Francine's heels clicking as we walk. I basically live in her shadows and I'm comfortable in it. I don't know how I could manage to be popular with everyone looking up to you. A few minutes later, I'm sitting at my table in science, doodling as I always do. In the back is Francine and her followers invading a table and squabbling about who's nails are better. Across the other room is the boys, invading another table. The girls have Francine as their "leader" and the guys have Austin as theirs. Ever since last year, I formed a crush on Austin, but he doesn't even know I exist until I manage to embarrass myself. The teacher walks in, grabbing everyone's attention as they all flea like little rats to their assigned seats. My lab partner is Dillion, Austin's best friend. He's sweet and all but I have a feeling Francine as a crush on him. 

"If you haven't already, turn in the extra credit to the tray now." The teacher, Mr. Y says. The squeaking of chairs scrapping on the tile floor fills the room as everyone hands in their work. Then I feel Austin's arm rub against mine as he waits for his turn. A sudden shock fills inside of me. Hold it together, Elana. For the rest of class, I had trouble focusing and breathing. I would look to Austin casually, and he would make a smile appear even without looking at me. I watch him read and flip through the pages of the textbooks. 

"Elana. Something wrong?" Mr Y shouts across the room from his desk. My cheeks feel warm as I feel all eyes on me. 

"No, not at all." I whimper. A  hear a slight grunt from someone as I continue to read the pages. I feel a light tap.

"You okay?" Dillion whispers. I nod yes back and go back to reading. Austin and his group are named the "jerk jocks" by some girls because its true. Sometimes they could be a pain, but for Dillion questioning me, is a plus. 


"What was that all about?" Francine walks besides me after class. I reach my locker and open it. 

"What?" I ask in annoyance. I exchange my books for the next class and Francine starts checking herself out in my mirror.

"Dillion actually talking to you." She says, still facing my mirror. I close it and she winces back. 

"Just asking a question, pretty much. Listen I got to get to class." I say laconically. I walk down the hall the other way. Anytime a "jerk jock" speaks to me, Francine always wants to know, which I find annoying. Very. 


I fix my gray beanie and let my hair hang loose. My style always has consisted of a beanie, plaid shirt, old ripped jeans, and my muddy converse shoes. I rush out the washroom, holding my brown bag. I march right in to the lunchroom, finding an empty table as always. Francine and her clique are on the higher ground level along with Austin's. I always manage to find one empty and I find it pleasing. Francine never told me I couldn't sit with her, I choose not to. I feel like if I do, I'll just make her look bad. Francine is great. She's friends with everyone but only manages to have a clique consisting of seven other girls. I take out my notepad and start doodling,I've finished my lunch already.  

"This seat taken?" A boy chuckles. I stare up and find it to be Bruce, an artist with a great sense of humor. He's like my brother in a way. We don't have any classes together except for lunch, but somedays he doesn't sit with me. Figures. 

"Nope." I smile. He sits across from me and watches me doodle as he eats. "You know, you should really join the art club. We're taking a field trip to an Art Gallery, it might be fun." Bruce says. 

"Um, i don't think so. You really think Joe and Melinda approving me going to an Art Gallery?" I ask rhetorically.

"Theey might. But your really good. Well, I got to run I promise to tutor some kids for math." With that, Bruce got up and walked away. I rushn to the bathroom and as I enter Francine and her clique walked out. 

Francine ignores me and continues gossiping with her followers. I toss my bag on the floor and fix my hair into a messy bun. I adjust my beanie and open all the buttons to my plaid shirt so that my black cami shows. 

"Elana, sorry bout that." Francine walks in with a sincere look. 

"Oh. That. Its alright, you seemed busy talking..about...clothes." My voice trailed off. 

"To make up for ignoring you, why don't we go shopping I'll pay." She cheers. "Uh. You know shopping's not my thing." I say. "Yeah, but come on it'll be fun." She squels. "Fine, but one of these days I'm gonna teach how to skateboard." We giggle as we walk to the library for free period. We only go to the library so Francine could use her time reading fashion magazines or whispering with her friends about dumb girly things. Like abs. I walk over to the shelf, skimming for a book on art. "That's a good one." A voice  soeaks over my shoulder. Its Bruce. "Well, if you say so then I'll take it." I murmur. 

"Does Bruce have a "thing" for you?" Francine ask as we exit the library. "Haha, that's a good one. But seriously no, we're just friends." I say. Francine doesn't know I like Austin and I don't think I could trust her with that kind of information. 

"Austin, we're all going to the rec to play some ball. You coming?" Dillion asks Austin as I enter the classroom. I walk to my desk in the back near the "jerk jocks." 

"Nope, can't guys. Sorry, I have other plans." Austin says. That surprises me the most, Austin turning down his friends that's not like him. For the rest of class, I focused on my work until a note flopped on my book. I open it up and its from Francine, and she's asking what's my shoe size. Seriously, we're learning about the Civil War and she's caring about my shoe size? I make aface back and Francine pretends to fake cry. Diva. 


I push the four magic buttons on the keypad that opens the garage. I rest my bike against some boxes and grab my skateboard. Everyone day after school, I always go for a ride on my board to let my mind free. Today was no exception. I skate down the street and soon enough I end up a fountain, so large you have to squint to see who's sitting across from it. I do a jump over a side bench and then I hear a sound. A sound that always pleasants me. I squint across the fountain and find a boy strumming a guitar. My mother taught me how to play guitar before she passed, but I forgot how to since its been awhile. I carry my skateboard and walk closer to the guy. I creep behind a tree, close to the kid that I can make out who it is. So this is what his other plans are. I tug onto my board, and climb the tree swiftly. I sit on a branch tree, letting my legs sway to the sound of his strumming. Then my phone abruptantly ringing, causing Austin to stop playing and me reaching for my phone in my pocket. As I do, my elbow hits my board causing it to fall to the ground. The the clumsy as I am, I try to reach for it but then I fall bac, landing on someone. 

"Ouch!" Its Austin. My face feels hot as I stand up and then help Austin up. He picks up my board and I pick up his guitar. I admire the guitar and smile at it as it brings back memories. I look to see Austin having a puzzled face to the board. I could tell he doesn't skate for a basketball mvp. We exchange objects. "That's more like it." He says. I find my phone below me as I pick it up. "So Elana, right?" He aks. I nod as I fix my beanie. "Were you spying on. Me?" He chuckles. I stand there froze. I've never been scared to speak to anyone before. "Umm." Was all I managed to say. "Never mind that. So, how's life?" He starts walking and I walk besides him, the closer I've ever been. "Wild. So this is your other plans?" I speak. 

"Yeah. Sometimes I find it better to play my guitar than be shooting hoops with a bunch of jerks. Wow, even he calls himself and his friends jerks. "So, you play guitar?" He ask. I delve my free hand into my front jean pocket while using the other to clutch my board. "Well, I used to. Um, my mom taught me before she past." I manage to say. "Oh I'm sorry." Wow, I guess a "jerk jock" actually has a heart. I grin showing no teeth. "Its fine." We walk a little more, talking about ourselves. 

"Well, this is my place. I'll see you at school tomorrow." I say from my porch. He waves back nonchalant. I go to my room upstairs and flop onto my bed. Wow, can't believe Austin talked to me, walked me home, but atop from it all plays the guitar. Never would have seen that coming. 



A/N: Okay, thanks for reading I know it was a long one. But I hoped you liked it!!!! I really want people to enjoy this one, cause I've planned it all out. So, favorite, like, and comment and I'll update soon. Thanks for reading!!!


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