Before Ever After

Call me a princess. Tell me I'm Juliet and your Romeo. But I'm telling you this now, your actions speak louder than your words.


4. Chapter Four

"Can I sit here?" Bruce looks up from his book.

"Uh yeah sure. Of course." He scoots over and I sit down next to him.

"So, are you excited?" He asks.

"Couldn't sleep all night." I cheer scarcastically. "Thanks again for lending me the money." I smile.

"No problem." He says. The bus starts running and soon enough it leaves the school parking lot. "So, have you ever been to an art gallery?" Bruce asks as the bus gets on the highway.

"No, and what's the point of even going?" I moan.

"Mrs. Lilian says it will inspire us." He chuckles and I smirk. "So, why were you alone in the art room the other day, don't you and Francine usually go to the library?" He asks after a while of awkward silence.

"Uh. Well, I'm kinda pissed at Francine, she's getting so annoying and such a diva." I reply.

"I'm not surprised." Bruce chuckles. "I never liked her."

"So I've heard."

 "Want to play a game?" Bruce asks in a childish voice.

"Um. Depends on the game." I reply.

"Would you rather."

"Okay, I'll start. Would you rather be bald for the rest of your life or live without music?" I ask. "Easy. Be bald." He says swiftly. I rise my eyebrows. "What? A guy needs music in his life." I roll my eyes with a smile. "Okay. My turn. Would you rather give up skateboarding or give up art?" 

"What kind of question was that? I thought you're my friend?" I giggle as I speak. Bruce makes a bewildered face. "What?" 

"You're making me chose between the two things that make up my life." I chuckle. "Sorry?" He questions. I nod and gaze down the aisle and look at the big window upfront. "We're here." I whisper. 


"Elana, check this out." Bruce gestures me over. I walk over to him and admire the artwork.

"Girl with Pearl Earrings." I read the sign by the artwork.

"Look the eyes follow you." Bruce says as he walks back and forth.

"Interesting." I walk over to the next wall. "This is my favorite. The Scream. I like the name and the technique used to create it." Bruce joins me and admires the artwork. "This would be your favorite." He chuckles. 

"What's that supposed to mean?" I chuckle, playfully punching his arm. "Ouch. What's this arm ever done to you?" He says, pretending to rub his arm. For the rest of the trip, me and Bruce wander the art gallery ditching the rest of the art club as they all travel as a group. "This was actually fun." I say as I walk onto the bus. "I had a feeling it would be." Bruce says as we sit down at a seat. 


"Elana Edwards! Where have you been?" Melinda greets me the minute I walk into the house. "I told you, we took a field trip after school for art club. Since when do you care where I am or what I'm doing?" Melinda's eyes widen ferciously. "Go to your room and don't talk to me like that, ever!" She points to the stairs. "Fine. That's where I was gonna go anyway." I murmur under my breathe. I shut the door behind me and toss my backpack to the floor. The minute I lay down on my bed my cell starts ringing. 

"Hello." I groan as I scratch my hair and chuck my beanie across the room. "Elana, you're late for work." Dillion's voice on the other end hurls into my ear. I sit up swiftly. "Okay, I'm coming." I grab my bag and rush downstairs as I make my way to the garage. "Now where are you going?" Melinda appraoches me from behind. "Work. Remember it was your idea." I retort. I grab my skateboard and zoom down the driveway and down the street. 

"Sorry I'm late." I rush behind the counter and put on my apron. "Its okay. We didn't have a lot of costumers." Dillion says. I take out the flour and begin mixing the bowl with other ingredients."Need some help?" Dillion approaches from behind, cracking an egg.  I take out the measuring cp and gently pour the water  into the bowl. Then I feel trembling hand on  my wrist as he helps me dump more water into the bowl. 

I smile up Dillion and he does the same back. For the rest of the evening me and Dillion prepare a fresh batches of cupcakes. I flip the open sign to close and hang my apron on the hook. "Elana, can I ask you something?" Dillion plays with his fingers. I nod grabbing my skateboard near me. "Want to catcha movie with me this Friday?" He fidgets with his words. "Of course." I reply nonchalnt. I tap his shoulder, wave goodbye and skate board down the road and into the moonlight. 

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