Before Ever After

Call me a princess. Tell me I'm Juliet and your Romeo. But I'm telling you this now, your actions speak louder than your words.


5. Chapter Five

"So you friends with Francine?" Its Bruce. He slides his lunch tray besides me as we grab our food.

"What makes you say that?" I slide my ID into the cashier and walk to an empty table. Bruce following behind.

"You're not wearing a dorky shirt, she probably bought you." He chuckles as he sits down.

"Ha, yeah. So for free period do you want to go to the art room?" I ask.

"Sure, I'll skip tutoring today?" He says nonchalant. I raise my eyebrows at him.


"Skipping tutoring. That doesn't sound like the Bruce I know." I delve into my potatoe chip bag. He shrugs. That's all. He doesn't say a word. Which is scarying me.

"Hey, Elana." I look up to find Dillion hovering over my right shoulder with his tray.

"Hey, Dillion," Dillion sits down next to me. "Bruce this is-"

"Dillion, yes I know." Bruce grumbles annoyed. Me and Dillion exchange puzzled looks. 

"So, Bruce I heard you're like a great artist. Didn't you paint the moral on the gym wall over the summer last year?" Dillion says, trying to start a friendly conversation. Bruce nods and jabs a fork into his lasagna.

"Uh. Elana, I should get going. I have to do the tutoring so see you later." He says under his breathe. 

"Bye Bruce." I say and he smiles. Then Dillion says the samething, only this time Bruce makes a face before carrying his tray to the trash and leaving the cafeteria. "What's his problem?" I say quietly. Dillion shrugs and moves my hair behind my ear. "Beautiful." He says.

"Stop." I laugh as I push him over. "So, I'm looking forward to Friday." I say all flirty, which doesn't sound normally me. "Hmmm. Friday? Friday? Oh yes! Our special day." Dillion chuckles and then I start laughing along and when we stop, we're staring into each other's eyes. Suddenly, the bell rings ending lunch period.

"What do you do for free period?" I whisper still staring. "Shoot hoops with the guys." He says laconically. "Right after you've eaten?" I say in a concern tone. He shrugs. "You get used to it." I smile. "Mind if I watch?" We walk out the cafeteria with the crowd. "Not at all." He glees. "I'll meet you there in five." We hug in the hallway. Dillion heading for the gym and me to my locker. 

As the gym door closes behind me, the sound of basketballs being bounced greets me. Dillion and the twelve other guys are practicing making three point shooters. I walk to the bleachers and then notice another girl sitting there. "Hey, I'm Elana." I sit down next to her. "I'm Macy, are you in newspaper as me?" I make a face. "No, why? I'm here to watch my boyfriend, Dillion." I say with confidence. "Oh. You see I'm in newspaper and I have to do articles on the boy's basketball team. And boyfriend? Interesting." Macy speaks in a devious voice which struck a shot up my spine. "Uh huh." I look back to the court. From the corner of my eye, I spot Macy jotting down in a notepad. 

"So, who else is in newspaper?" I say, trying to start a conversation. Macy goes on and on of names of kids in newspaper. But only one catches my eye. Francine. "Wait. Annoying, ignorant, rude Francine?" I interrupt her. "That's the one." Macy snaps the camera of the court. Really. Wow. 


I walk into my next class and the first person to catch my eye is Austin. Like I said, I had a crush on him but the reason he catches my eye because he's sitting alone at his desk while Dillion and the others are crowded in the back. Francine narrows her eyes on me but I ignore her. Class begins and the teacher begins teaching us about the effects after the Civil War. I right a note and pass it to Austin. I watch him read it and then he crumbles it up and shoots it into the trash can. "Austin, one of my classroom rules is you can not shoot paper balls into the bin." The teacher admits annoyed. Austin sighs and crosses his arms. I have to talk to him. Alone. And I know exactly where to find him outside of school.



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