The DownPour

Jinga has been living in Detroit's 'hood' where the low class civilians live. Lately he wasn't able to sleep at home and the only way to get rest is by going into a motel. He lived a normal life alone without anybody and one day he meets a officer named Reno and his female partner Maria. They are investigating the story on the 'Down Pour' Serial killer. But how far will they get? (This is made by Me, John, so I hope you enjoy.)


2. Reno and Maria

Chapter 2: Reno and Maria

Reno's P.O.V

*I recall walking into that cold room, I knew something was wrong. I did not know what set me off like that, what let me know that the room was insecure, undefended. Was it the thickness in the air, the silence that echoed through the air? When I closed the wooden door there was a faint noise coming from upstairs, the rain outside was picking up and I was drenched coat and all.

"Carol, Honey, is that you?" I called from downstairs, of course, no answer. "Hm…" I tiptoed towards the kitchen and peeked my head inside, I observed the room it was absolute mess. Hot coffee was dripping off the counter and splashing onto the floor building a mess, the fridge was tilted onto its side alongside the flooring. "What the fuck happened here…" I, not being trained as an officer of the law yet, was very curious. I decided to continue searching for clues in the room instead of going upstairs.

I walked over by the counter and saw two holes blown deep inside the tiles. I rubbed my index finger against the large hole and felt it was still hot, that's when it hit me. Someone was still here. I stared at the stairs leading up to the higher floor and sprinted towards it, with all my strength I made my way up the steps, not wasting any time.

I looked around, the closet doors were open and some clothes were dangling off of their hangers and others were limp on the floor, as I lopped past the closet I noticed broken glass and vases. I slowly stepped over it and looked down the hall where the baby's room was at, "No…" I ran down the hall into the room and saw a gruesome sight a man shouldn't ever see. On the floor, holding the baby was Carol…my wife. The baby was crying as his mother had the final embrace on him. *

"Officer Reno stop day dreaming." Sheriff Herald slapped a pile of papers on the desk in front of me.

I look down at the papers than up at him, I looked at his hardened face and raised a eyebrow, "What's this?"

"Well, that's exactly why I brought you here (His last name.)" The sheriff explained, next to Reno sat Maria, the female officer known for her discipline.

"Get to the point Herald; if this isn't important let me carry on with my business." She snarled in a ruthless tone.

"Calm down Maria, open it up and see for yourself." The Sheriff cleared his throat and grabbed the mug that sat on that desk; he lifted it up and took a sip of the hot coffee.

With a smug look she opened the file that stated on the cover 'Top Secret Information'. "The Downpour?" She elevated an eyebrow.

"Exactly." The sheriff smiled and looked at me, "That's why you're here; I have a mission for you two."

I barely knew Maria, we never spoke, and I just saw her walk by once in a while. Looking over at her I noticed she didn't care at the very least, of course, what do I expect? She gets the job done, that's all that matters. Especially with the reputation she has.

She looked up, "What's this about?" She grunted.

"Well, if you read it, it's about a serial killer who has been murdering a number of children. Reports have it that he slits their throat before tying a brick to their foot and tossing them in the river." I explained trying to be a smart ass.

"You forget something though Mr. Rizzoli, on the brick is a note that reads, 'With life comes death, and with death comes life.'" Herald pulled up a chair and sat down in front of them. "There is a famous man by the name of Campbell that made a famous quote saying that 'with death comes life'." He continued to clarify, "He died by esophageal cancer, and our guy is out here killing kids by slitting their throats."

"What type of monster our we dealing with here?" I asked and as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

"We still cannot clarify that…" Herald told us.

"Hold on, why the fuck is this guy killing kids though?" Maria asked in a somewhat misunderstanding stage.

"We do not know that either." He sighed.

"Well, any leads?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"…Yeah, the last kid to almost die is in the infirmary, he is still kicking, the hospital thinks that there is a low possibility of him surviving so maybe we should go interview him. You know, ask him questions, and get to know what he saw when it happened."

We nodded and agreed with his idea, "Alright, I'm on it. Let's go Reno." Maria stood up and waited for me.

"Hold on you two." He told us, "I need the both of you to get a good night's rest, don't go out today, and start off tomorrow morning."

I nodded, "Yes sir…" I walked out of the room ran to my car so I wouldn't get wet. It's been ten years since what happened and now my son is ten. He stays with his grandmother and barley sees me, but for today I was going to get home and spend time with him. 'It's only eight o clock he should be awake…'

Maria's P.O.V

*I still remember that ruthless hot summer night. I was laying at home watching television and my parents have been working late. I was left at him with my Uncle, I can't believe I trusted him at this moment in time. I was lying on the bed and he came up behind me, he sat next to me on the bed and asked me what I was doing.

Of course I answered like any other teenager would, 'Being bored.'

He ran a hand against my thigh and said, 'Well, I know what we can do to stop that.' I slapped his hand away and squirmed back a bit. I thought he was playing around; my Uncle does have the tendency to be a pervert sometimes, but only in a joking manner. He then began threatening me and wrapped his hand around my neck.

He said, 'Listen here, you'll do as I say, or I will hurt you okay? You better not tell your parents.' Scared out of my wits I nodded and agreed. He forced me to strip in front of him and he made me touch myself as he watched. Of course he masturbated to it…I had no idea of what he was going to do, I just felt…sick to my stomach. Hell, I'm lucky that before he could go any further my parents came home and they called the police on him. Then men ask why I don't trust them, why I act the way I do.*

I quickly opened the house door and closed it as soon as I came in, "Damned ran." I murmured and took my coat off putting it on the night stand.

My grandmother walked out from the kitchen and gave me a sweet smile, "Oh, hello dear, welcome home." She chuckled. "Are you hungry? I made you some pie." She continued smiling.

Coming from the living room my grandfather's loud booming voice was heard, "Yeah, eat some, it's great!"

I shook my head and denied it, "No thank you grandma, just save it for tomorrow please, I'm going to get some rest."

"Hm…alright dearie…" She noticed my stressed face and it reflected onto hers with sorrow.

"Don't worry I'll be okay by tomorrow." I gave a reassuring smile and went upstairs into the bathroom. I opened one of our counters by the mirror and pulled out an Advil, without regret, I swallowed one down to stop my head ache. I walked out of the bathroom and straight to my bed. 'Tomorrow is going to be a long day…better prepare.' I thought as thunder struck into the atmosphere with a big 'Boom!' and a while afterwards I dozed off.

(Yes, this happened at the same time that Jinga woke up, but thanks for reading chapter 2 and soon I'll be back with more.)

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