The DownPour

Jinga has been living in Detroit's 'hood' where the low class civilians live. Lately he wasn't able to sleep at home and the only way to get rest is by going into a motel. He lived a normal life alone without anybody and one day he meets a officer named Reno and his female partner Maria. They are investigating the story on the 'Down Pour' Serial killer. But how far will they get? (This is made by Me, John, so I hope you enjoy.)


3. It's a deal

P.O.V Maria       

The recapping sound of the light on the door woke me up, of course, in my bad morning person mood I began to yell, “What?!” it seemed like the world went silent, the knocking stopped, and the shot was echoing throughout the house.

“I’m sorry for bothering you Maria…” My grandfather’s jolly voice became faint, “But there’s someone at the door that wants to see you.”

With a weak and tired groan I sat up from my bed, the bags under my eyes seemed to sag, but what do I care; I was never really the girly type. I ran my fingers through my dark brown hair and with an exhale I raised myself off the bed, “Alright let me get dressed!” I stretched out and yawned. I look down at my white hands and then up at my closet. I removed the black shirt I wore last night and extend my arm into the closet for a bra. I pull out a black one and put it over my bare breast, and then I took my shorts off, changing into a different pair of panties. After that I yank out my grey formal suit for work and a pair of Khaki’s.

                 After walking down the staircase I noticed who was at the door, none other than Reno or should I say the ‘Good’ cop. “You truly are kidding me right?” I groaned.

                “Good morning Maria, your grandmother was here and she offered me some tea.” He smiled and took a sip of the warm tea of course letting out a relieving ‘Ah.’ afterwards.

I looked at my grandmother and then at him in disgust, my grandmother noticed the smug look and pointed a finger at me, “Watch the attitude, Mr. Rizzoli is a good man, remember, your parents raised you better than this.”

“My mother did, not dad, he was too busy in jail remember.”  I spat then looked at Reno, “Why are you here?”

“Well, the Sheriff told us we needed to start out mission early remember?” He asked me.

“Yeah, but I didn’t aspect you to take it so literal.” I sassily put my hands on my waist.

“Well I did, plus, first we need to get to city hall and get information on our man (meaning ‘The Downpour’ Serial killer.).” He enlightened me with the news.

With a low sigh I nod, “Fine.”

“Sorry Ms. Um…what’s your last name?” He asked.

“Lopez.” My grandmother smiled sweetly.

“Ah, alright, thank you Ms. Lopez for your hospitality.” He stood up and gave me a playful shove on arm, “Let’s go.” He led me to the door.

“Bye grandma and grandpa!” I waved before heading out the door closing it behind me. “What the hell man?” I protest.

“Calm down Maria.” He said smoothly, “Come on, we need to get to city hall.” He walked down the porch’s steps and opened the door to his black Toyota.

“Damn, impressive.” I ran her hand alongside the car’s black paint and smirked. I got into the seat next to his, “Alright, so, when you going to let me ride this bad boy?”

“The day pigs fly girl.” He chuckled started the car and as it roared they were off.

                After we reached city hall he parked the car in front of the tall stone structure, “Come on.”

I sighed and got out of the car, she quickly followed him inside were the mayor’s representative was standing; he was a dark man wearing a tight white shirt and blue jeans. Not to mention the beige boots. The man stared at us for a while; his expression was blank, then after gathering his thoughts he smiled.

                “You must be Reno Rizzoli and Maria Lopez!” He smiled, “I am-“

                I cut him off in the middle of his sentence, “Yes, we know, Bill Riley, why did you ring us up?”

                “The sheriff told me you two were working on the ‘Down Pour’ case, so im getting the state to help.”

                “We don’t need the help of civilians Mr. Riley; we are the best of the best which is why we were chosen.”  I hiss knowing it will start a dispute.

                “Maria calm down.” Reno put a hand on my shoulder.

                I pulled it off and looked at him, “No, they don’t think we are good enough!”

                “Well I reckon your choose of words, but wouldn’t it be faster to get the public into this so we can find the culprit?” He asked calmly.

                “No, we do not have any pictures or information to pass out, we cannot just say, ‘oh search for the person who is killing innocent kids’ it’s not that easy.” I explained trying to calm myself down.

                “Yes I know, but we can send searches out when it’s raining and –“

                This time Reno cut him off, “For what?” He cleared his throat, “Have you ever thought about the fact that this person can be camouflaging into the crowds of people, searching out his next victim.”

                Bill Riley cleared his throat and opened his mouth but then an officer that stood outside the entrance ran in, “Sir, you have to see this!”

Bill looked back at Reno and I then at the officer, he started to walk to the door and when he opened it his eyes widened. People were holding pick signs that were labeled as ‘Down pour’ and there was a hug circle around it with a red cross. The people were yelling taunts such as, ‘We want Justice!’ and ‘Save our kids’.

                I walked outside after Mr. Riley followed by Reno and we caught a glimpse of the scene, “What the…”

                “Do you see this you two?” Bill Riley asked, “This is becoming a national crisis, this people want this person caught, so take my idea to consideration please. Do it for them.”

                Reno looked at me then back at him, he nodded slowly, “Fine…though it’ll take a few weeks, we need to gather information on him or get some type of photo.” He sighed.

                He held his hand out, “Then it’s a deal?”

                Reno shook his hand, “It’s a deal.”

Jinga’s P.O.V

                                My small phone started to vibrate on top of the room’s counter; I sat up and stared at it for a while. A couple seconds passed and then I answered it, “Hello?” I rubbed one eye as I answered the phone. Seeing as I was tired my voice sounded very grouchy and moody.

                “Hey Jinga!” The familiar voice of my younger sister was audible and I smiled lightly.

                “Hey Menu, I haven’t heard from you in a while.” I move the covers off of my body and stand up; I slowly make my way to the toilet.

“Yeah, sorry about that!” Menu laughed lowly, “You know, the work and the kids got me stressed lately, how about you, is everything alright?” Her question reverberated through my head and I got silent for a while. “Jinga, are you there?”

                “Oh! Yeah, sorry, um, I’m fine!” I chuckle lowly and pull the toilet seat up.

                “Good to hear, the kids really want to see you, so can you do me a favor?” Her voice then got serious.

                “Jesus Menu, what is it this time?” I groan and then pull my pants down to take a quick piss.

                “Well, me and my husband our going out and we need somebody to watch our kids, haven’t you heard about that downpour guy?” She asked sighing, “We cannot leave them at home alone.”

                I started to pee not caring if she could hear the sound of the pee, “Fine…I’ll be there later tonight.”

                “Thanks Bro!” She smiled.

                “Whatever, bye.” I sigh and hang up.


Author’s note: Alright guys, look, I know this part might have been short with Jinga but I promise the next chapter will be much longer with his story line so far.


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