Save Me (Mature Content)

I'm Crystal and I get abused. I escaped my father's grasp and met One Direction. Now I live with them. Problem is, I have grown feelings for Niall and Harry and my dad is on a mission to find me. What do I do? Who do I choose? What's going to happen? Read to find out!


9. Chapter 7

Crystal's POV

I ran into the restroom and started crying. I thought he had feelings for me... I guess not. I assume someone heard me crying because I heard footsteps.

"Crystal?" I heard Niall say.

"Leave me alone." I said whilst I turned on the shower. I looked through all the cupboards looking for a razor. I haven't cut since I was with my father. But, Harry has caused me so much pain. I found one and I sat in the shower and began cutting. It hurt, but the pain felt good. I got out of the shower and realized I have no clean clothes. 

To: Charlotte

"Can you bring me up some clothes? I don't have any right now."

From: Charlotte

"Sure. After you're done changing, we're talking." 

A few minutes later, Charlotte brought me my clothes. ( I changed, did my makeup, and just left my hair down with a small braid. I cleaned my cuts and silently thanked God that Charlotte brought me a sweater instead of any other short sleeved shirt. I got out of the restroom and walked downstairs. I put a smile on my face and pretended that nothing happened. 

"Sup guys!" I said cheerily. I saw Harry and that slut he was with in the bedroom. I pretended not to notice him. Guess I'm not staying in his room. 

"Crystal, I need to speak to you." Charlotte said. 

"Can I at least have some breakfast first?" I walked past Harry and into the kitchen. I made sure not to have any eye contact with him. I ate my cereal in 5 minutes silently. 

"Let's go upstairs, Crystal." Charlotte lead me to her room and started bombarding me with questions.

"Calm down, Charlotte. One question at a time."

"Where were you last night?" She practically yelled.

"I was drunk and went to a guy's house. Don't worry nothing happened."

"What do you mean nothing happened?!" 

"Let me tell you the real reason why I was on the train. I was trying to get out of town, but I had a reason." Then, I started telling her about my father, Cody, Ryan, and practically my whole life. "The guy I left the bar with was Ryan. That's why he didn't want to take advantage of me."

"Crystal! Why didn't you tell me any of this sooner?!"

"I don't want anyone's pity. Thats why nobody knows except for Cody and Ryan.I dont wanna talk about this anymore."

"Enough with that then.. Why were you crying in the restroom?"

"I saw Harry with that slut in the room and I thought he liked me. I kinda liked him back too. When we were at the bar, I saw him making out with her so I decided to make him jealous. Can I stay in a different room for a while? I don't wanna stay in the same room as him." I explained.

"Honey, he likes you. He told Louis and Louis told everyone else. And of course. You can share a room with Niall. I'm sure he won't mind." 

"Guess he doesn't like me anymore." I fixed my hair and I guess Charlotte saw my cuts.

"Crystal! What are these?!!?!?!"

"They're not new. I cut when my dad was abusing me. Its not a problem anymore."

"These are new. I could tell. When did you do this? Why did you do this?!"

"This morning when I was crying."

"Crystal, promise me you will never cut again. Or at least try not to."

"Can't promise that." I replied as I left the room and went to pack my stuff. 



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